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I’m here to teach you how to embrace yourself
AND create a life you love waking up to live every day!


What is spiritual lifestyle coaching?

Honestly, it depends on who you are! Spiritual lifestyle coaching is about YOU.

Ultimately, this coaching looks like inviting, embracing, and creating abundance in all areas of your life. It’s learning how to do the mindset and energy work that work best for you when it comes to living your best life- to thriving and living joyfully from a space of love and expansiveness every single day.

As a coach, I support you and guide you in becoming the person who lives the life you’ve been dreaming of- and then we take it a step further with you becoming the person creating the life you couldn’t even dream up before! You will learn to create a lifestyle that lights you up and feels abundant, peaceful, and exciting all at once- every single day.

While this isn’t some magical pill that means you’ll never have a struggle in your life again, it is something that works instantly, and that you can take with you into every day for the rest of your life. What you’ll learn during our time together will reveal your own loving, brilliant core.

Your best self, your higher self, your future self.

You’re going to learn to tap into your loving intuition at any time- to call it up at will and immediately receive inspired next steps. You’re going to learn to trust yourself and follow your intuition- to take those inspired actions with unwavering confidence.

You’re going to become a master manifestor- someone who brings everything they desire into their reality. Whether it’s love, a peaceful home after years of searching and feeling empty, energy to live a vibrant life again, money, living somewhere else, or anything else! It’s not about what you’re manifesting, it’s about knowing who you are and what you are made of.

It’s about being able to hear and understand your intuition- and having the courage and strength to follow it.

It’s called lifestyle coaching because this coaching touches every aspect of your life! It’s not any one area we work with. If you have a problem area in your life, we’ll focus the most on this. If you have something you’re eager to manifest, we can start with that. I’m going to teach you techniques that work in every situation so that you never feel lost or stuck as long as you tap into what you’ve learned during our time together.

We’re going to dig deep- we’ll break out past beliefs and fears and pains that are ready to be released. It’s not easy to do this part- and this is why I’m thrilled to be a part of your journey! By the time we finish, you will be comfortable working through blocks in the future on your own- and as life goes on you’ll have the power to work through difficult feelings and thoughts before they manifest into problems in your daily life.

Now, that’s pretty abstract and I know (read: LOVE) it! My programs are all about concepts, feelings, energy… those vibes! It’s about connecting with yourSELF and embracing your place in this universe.

If this sounds like something you need in your life, check out the programs page to work with me!


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