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Brand + Web Design Details

Being a blog coach is about more than just helping my clients gain more followers or learn how to throw ads on their blog and land a couple irrelevant affiliate posts to slightly increase their income.

My goal is to empower my clients to earn an income their way- whether that’s through affiliate posts or through selling their own products and services!

The best way to make that happen is to have a consistent and irresistible online presence, a brand that can hold its own in the field, and a functional website your readers love spending time on!

Keeping your brand consistent across platforms is important for increasing the trust your readers have in you and making sure they recognize you as the brand (or, you know, awesome human being!) they love and want more of!


Here’s what my Blog Coaching + Web Design service includes:

  • color swatches (with labels so you can always find the exact shade again no matter what platform you use to create images in the future)

  • a main logo

  • two alternate logos (one light, the other dark for use on different backgrounds)

  • one branded Facebook or LinkedIn banner

  • up to five Instagram Highlights covers

  • four Pinterest pin templates you can personalize using Canva for free

  • two Instagram post templates you can personalize on Canva as well

  • a secret Moodboard page on your Squarespace site where your logos, colors, and other brand info will always be accessible to you for inspiration and styling

    (Yours will have more images and labelled color squares, but here’s a peek at mine to give you an idea of what to look forward to!)

    AND I’ll install a Squarespace template of your choosing (or surprise you, if you just want to see something stunning and easy to use) and personalize it for your brand!

Note: The branding products apply to all users, but website design services (where I actually install and personalize the site) are limited to Squarespace websites. The cost of your Squarespace website is not included in the cost of your package, you’ll need to purchase that separately- but I’m happy to guide you through the process, let you in on discounts, and help you choose the best package for your website!


What about the coaching?


While I’m designing your site and getting your brand on point behind the scenes, here’s what we’ll be doing together! In seven steps, we’re going to get your brand, blog, mindset, and goals all on the same page!

Step 1: We’ll work on some mindset + lifestyle coaching to set you up for success!

We’ll get clear on your values and mission, your audience, and your lifestyle + blog goals! We’ll identify pain points in your personal life that lead to fear or potential blocks along your road to success as a blogger/entrepreneur, and I’ll help you work through them.

Step 2: Once your brand package is finished, we’ll set up or update your social media accounts with your new branded images and we’ll start talking growth strategy!

Step 3: We’ll work out your opt-in freebie and set up your email list (if this is all another language to you, don’t worry! I’ll teach you in simple steps and show you how to do it so you have complete control over your website and email list and feel empowered to make changes any time you like!)

Step 4: I’ll teach you how to automate posting on multiple platforms so you can share massive amounts of content without burning out.

AND I’ll teach you the strategy that increased my Pinterest monthly viewers from under 500 per month to over 84,000 monthly viewers in less than 60 days and with fewer than 100 followers on Pinterest! (This method resulted in Pinterest being the #1 source of traffic to my blog almost instantly!)

Step 5: We’ll talk about your content calendar and come up with a blogging and social media sharing schedule that works for you and flows with your schedule instead of being an overwhelming chore you have to do every day.

Step 6: We’ll design a visibility schedule specifically for you using your content calendar and the social media platforms you actually enjoy! I’ll give you feedback on your copy (writing!) for different platforms and help you find your voice online so that you can share your blog and grow!

Step 7: Finally, we’ll talk about monetizing and continuing to grow! (If you’re a coach or online shop owner, we’ll be talking about this from the get-go! Don’t worry, I got you covered!)

We’ll look at different options for monetizing your blog, starting an online shop, services you might offer, positioning yourself as a market influencer, and blogger networking skills that will determine how successful your blogging career truly is!


And as an extra bonus, at the end of our coaching term, I’ll personally promote your beautiful blog to my own audience!


So there you have it! If you want a coach who will help you get your shit together, get your mindset aligned with your dreams, launch your blog like a pro, break down mental and emotional barriers to success, and design a stunning website that does your content justice with a gorgeous brand to match, I’m your girl!


How much is this investment?

Girl, I know what you’re thinking, and I’m sorry to leave you hanging till the end to see prices. That’s not usually my style!

But here’s the thing: pricing depends on where you are in your journey and how many of these services you’ll want to utilize!

The complete 8-week blog coaching and design program costs $1,650.

This includes everything listed above as well as the full 8 weeks of unlimited email coaching where I’ll answer your questions, provide feedback on anything you write or design, and make sure you are feeling confident and empowered as you embark on your blogging journey!

Alternate pricing is available for those who need less than the full package!

Alternate Pricing Breakdown:

Website Design: $800

Branding and Social Media Kit + Templates: $300

8-weeks of unlimited online coaching: $800

You can purchase any combination of the three- or save $250 when you buy the full package!