30 Day Mindset + Lifestyle Masterpiece…

30 Day Lifestyle & Mindset Masterpiece

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This 30-day group coaching program is designed to help you start 2019 off on the right foot!

Abundance and Spiritual Lifestyle coach Jessica Pena will be providing daily inspiration and encouragement along with support in a private Facebook group created exclusively for members of this 30 day lifestyle masterpiece.

The program begins January 1, 2019 and you will have access to the group posts, workbooks, and videos for a minimum of 90 days! Each week will have a different theme covering physical wellness, mind & spirit, social wellness and relationships, and career aspects of life.

Along with guidance for reflecting and setting intentions and inspiration and ideas for goals and habits, there will be a printable 30 day workbook in January AND bonus workbooks in December for a thorough goodbye to 2018! My goal is to support you in embracing 2018 for all that it was and making your 2019 resolutions a lasting part of the new year and your life as a whole.

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Once you sign up, join us in the group at www.facebook.com/groups/30daysto2019
and be sure to answer the questions to be accepted!

P.S. A final note- I want this be a community space. We’re going to have fun! If you’d like to bring more than 1 friend along, use the 2 for $44 coupon, and then send me a message on Facebook or at info@lilacsinparadise.com.
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Program Breakdown

We start January 1, 2019!

The program includes a 30-day workbook, weekly themed trainings, and daily coaching threads and inspirational posts in the group with ideas for new habits to implement and realizations, affirmations, and simple lessons that make a big difference.

The weekly themes in January are:

1) Physical health - diet, fitness, physical stress coping and relaxation, etc.

2) Social and relationship mindset, habit, and new intentions

3) Mind and spirituality - living intentionally, mental health (NOT as in medical mental health care, but as in mindset and mindfulness. I’m not a mental health care provider or certified health professional, just to be clear!)

4) Career and money mindset and habits

There will be a live video each week and a section in the workbook to help tailor your mindset and habits in each area to match the life you want to create.

So many programs and activities this time of year are NOISY!

This program is different. I’ve created this 30 day program to be a smooth transition into a more soul-centered, cohesive lifestyle where you feel grounded and empowered, rather than overwhelmed and like you’re trying to do a million and one things to do at once AND add New Years resolutions to that.

It’s a quiet program about coming back to yourself.

I’m sharing daily in the group- but it’s there for when you WANT it- not as something to check up on every single day. The meat of the program is the 30-day workbook and I invite you to check in each week with the live videos I’ll be sharing- and you can check in and enjoy the daily posts as you are feeling it or needing inspiration, motivation, support, etc.

You’re welcome to post your own posts or comment on the daily posts for coaching in the group and to connect with other members as you are feeling it! But it’s not about keeping busy and drowning yourself in even more noise. It’s about coming home to yourself and making 2019 a year of empowerment. Standing in your own light, seeing how your thoughts, lessons learned, priorities, goals, new intentions, passions, side projects, and daily obligations are all connected for one beautiful bigger picture- a fulfilling and wholesome life you actually love- that you love waking up to- rather than a giant crazy overwhelming never-ending to-do list that kicks your butt on the daily.

Your resolutions come to fruition when they are a part of your lifestyle- something you do daily and that just naturally is a part of who you are and the life you’re living in 2019. They don’t work when they’re just extra chores and to-do’s or should-do’s that you kick yourself over. So if you want to start 2019 off smooth, from a space of self-love and intention and empowerment, come join us. I would love to share this space with you, and I promise it’s going to be a powerful start to a beautiful new year.

  You’ll gain access to the program through the private Facebook group when you sign up!

You’ll gain access to the program through the private Facebook group when you sign up!

But GUESS WHAT ELSE! December Bonuses!

I LOVE reflecting and setting intentions. So, since I’m doing this work anyway and I absolutely love it- I’ve decided to share my December 2018 reflections in the group and open up the program early for anyone who wants to go a little deeper with this program!

There’s a bonus December workbook coming out 12/7/2018 where we’ll dive into reflecting on 2018 and doing a 2018 lifestyle audit and inventory- laying out the lessons learned so far, the passions, projects, intentions, and little things that make us who we are, and gaining a better connection with our core self and our bigger picture.

Goodbye 2018 Workbook.jpg

This is super powerful work because it gives you the strongest foundation to dive into even more amazing 2019- because those new resolutions are going to be aligned with who you ARE and who you truly want to be. There’s going to be more clarity, more inner peace, more feeling grounded in who you are and where you’ve been and how it all relates to where you’re going.

Access to these 2018 reflections begins in the group 12/6/2018 and I’m so excited to share it with you. I’ll also be sharing a live video on my 2018 reflections and how I find mySELF in the chaos of the holiday season and transition to a new year and my exact process and mindset around reflections and intention setting. It's going to be so special, and I hope you can be there with me!

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30 Day Lifestyle & Mindset Masterpiece
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