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Okay, here's the deal. Affirmations feel really silly when you first start. I get it. Been there! But can I just say THEY WORK? Because they DO! Affirmations are amazing tools for squashing self-limiting beliefs. They're awesome for crushing doubt and for building yourself up and learning to embrace and believe in exactly who you are TODAY. 

Affirmations are like cheerleaders. 

We've all heard the saying, "you are your own worst critic," right? We've heard it so many times, you probably nodded and half-rolled your eyes at me just now... but why DO you believe you are your own worst critic? Is it because you've closely analyzed everything everyone has EVER said to you and compared it to what you say to yourself? Have you confirmed that you are, in fact, your own worst critic? Or did you just hear that message so many times you eventually accepted is as truth? 

UH HUH! And then slowly you probably started being more critical of yourself... Maybe you don't even know when it started. The belief sunk in and manifested without your knowing. 

Affirmations work the same way... except with affirmations, you are in the driver's seat! You're intentionally manifesting these new beliefs... and that's AWESOME because what we believe is what becomes our reality. 

I'm not saying you're going to get everything you ever wanted just by repeating "I HAVE EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED." 

You still gotta do the work! You need to take inspired action, absolutely. But BELIEVING the affirmation is 90% of the process! So start practicing these new messages today. Start learning empowering new truths about yourself- and watch your life transform! 

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There's no need to rush. Take a moment to say these affirmations aloud and really FEEL them. How would it feel to REALLY believe the words? Allow yourself to feel it. 



I know I said you have to act on affirmations to bring them to life, and I'll share more about that with you in a minute... but there's something I need you to believe before we dive in. 


You've been stuck, disappointed, frustrated, and frazzled long enough. 

it's time! 

 I keep saying to Embrace Yourself... but do you know what that really means?  It means LOVE yourself. ACCEPT yourself.  Allow yourself to be exactly who you are today, and know that who you are is  enough. 

I keep saying to Embrace Yourself... but do you know what that really means? It means LOVE yourself. ACCEPT yourself. Allow yourself to be exactly who you are today, and know that who you are is enough. 



You absolutely can...




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Now you know how...

So it's up to you to practice and get SERIOUS about transforming your life into a life you absolutely love.

You ARE worth it.

You DO deserve it. 

That's never been the question. 

The question is:

Are you READY? 


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— Andrea Bird
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