This 3 month coaching program is designed to help grow your tribe and scale your business in 2019!

We’re going to work on transforming your business into something you love and landing consistent sales- all while tapping into your core self and living in alignment with Her.

This program is FUN! It’s about abundance, growth, and celebration. We’re going to work through the fears, doubts, and uncertainties that hold you back- and that’s tough work- but in the process we are going to work together to open up to how easy running your own business and living your best life really can be.

This program is a fresh revamp of my $9k Aligned & Alive program- so this page is likely to change over the next few days- you’ve caught me in the early phases! If you’d like to apply for this program, please reach out to me directly at

The program is 3 months long and costs $2,500! We can start as soon as you’re ready- but if you’d like to see more details on this page, check back in a couple days! I’m planning to fully launch the program before Christmas.


Jessica Pena

Abundance & Spiritual Lifestyle Coach, CEO of Lilacs in Paradise

P.S. If you’re looking at the image at the top of this page and wondering what the heck FTW means, don’t feel bad. I didn’t know until about two weeks ago. It means “for the win.” You’re welcome.