Journal Entry | Feeling Hurt in Life

Journal Entry | Feeling Hurt in Life

Today I’m here just to share my heart a little bit.

2018 was a year of transformation and breaking down walls, limiting beliefs, and old thought patterns. Early 2019 has been the continued unfolding and cleaning up of the aftermath from all of that transformation and while it has been amazing, it has also been difficult on an emotional level.

People who were once up on pedestals as my greatest heroes have become mere human beings. People who were the worst people I knew also became mere human beings. I became a mere human being, and then a goddess, and then learned to embrace both at once. Then people who were the worst I’ve ever known became goddesses as well and I did NOT know what to do with that.

Three Steps Back | Goals After the New Years Buzz Dies Down

Three Steps Back | Goals After the New Years Buzz Dies Down

Here’s what happened to my goals once I made that big decision to change with the new year…

They puttered out in, like, 3 weeks. Not even kidding. Like I mentioned, my last blog post goes into detail but basically I was already feeling hopeless toward the end of January!! I took so many steps back and I was beating myself up for falling right back into that downer old mindset and self-criticism pattern.

And then I actually decided to allow myself to take those steps back and just own them. Guess what happened…

Coming back to myself...

Honestly, I’ve been a disconnected mess for the past few months, and I want to share it with you in the hopes that it might ease your burden, or at least bring us a little closer as I share another vulnerable piece of myself with you.

I’ve been hurting a lot inside, especially the past couple weeks, and today I’m finally feeling like myself again. Not like another wave on the roller coaster, but finally truly at home in my own heart again.

I didn’t notice myself slipping back into depression, until it turned into anxiety about two weeks ago. I had my first panic attack, and then my next 10 immediately after.

Blogging | Why I Keep a Minimalist Content Calendar

I bring my goals to reality and realize my dreams and make incredible friends all by just doing what my instincts tell me to do AND I keep my followers in the loop and consistently share content that is high-vibe, super aligned with my message and the woman I want to be in life, and I get to also just rest easy knowing that I am being exactly who I am and not adding unfair pressure to myself.

6 Ways to Thrive Despite Cystic Fibrosis!

6 Ways to Thrive Despite Cystic Fibrosis!

With a lifelong illness, it's so important to recognize what it feels like to thrive even with the symptoms and treatments. We only get ONE life, so why waste it feeling more miserable than absolutely necessary? 

If that resonates with you, but you don't know where to start, I've got you covered! Here are my top 6 methods to thrive despite having CF! 

10 Signs You're Set for Success!

Today I want to talk about what it looks like to be SUCCESSFUL! If you're like me, there's a very vague head-in-the-clouds image in your mind of what it means to be successful... and while those beautiful vague images of success are pleasant to think about, they don't tend to manifest until I break them down into some TANGIBLE goals! Which brings me to today's topic- 10 signs you're set for success! Because being successful is more than just having a pretty image floating in your mind. A lot of these signs are ideas, rather than specifics, but we're going to take them a step further in our next post and look at how each step translates into that tangible result!

Affirmations... Do they work or not?

Affirmations... Do they work or not?

Well, you might not like this answer, but I don’t think you’ll be surprised by it.

Question: Do affirmations work, or not?

Answer: It depends!

It depends on who you are, how you learn, what works best for you… but it also depends on how the affirmation came into your life and how you’re using it… If you’re able to believe it… I could go on! But for the sake of keeping this post simply useful and inspirational for you, let’s focus on to make an affirmation actually work for you. (And by “work” I mean produce the desired resulting feeling and/or situation!) Sound good?

How to Forgive | Guidance & Insight From a Girl Who Knows the Struggle

As a woman who grew up with all of that, and as someone who has experienced multiple miscarriages, rape, ex-step parents who continue to cause pain in my family, who continues to love addict family members…

And as a woman who has forgiven them all

and, more importantly, as a woman who has forgiven myself,

I’m sharing what forgiveness looks like in my world.

Balanced Life | Abundance & Grief

This is such an amazing topic for the autumn season, because autumn itself is a perfect representation of abundance and grief creating something incredible. The changing and falling of the leaves, the abundance of those final fall harvests, joggers out soaking in the final days of pre-winter weather, the loss of summer, but the beginning of all things cozy…