3 Steps to Destroying Self-Doubt

If you've made it to this page, I want to start by saying YOU are AWESOME. And I'm sorry you're feeling the weight of self-doubt! It's something we all experience, but I've noticed that it really sticks around for some people, while others are able to brush it off fairly easily. I want to talk about ways to make it easier to brush off the doubt and get on with your day, because I know you've got amazing things to get done! Don't let that doubt hold you back anymore. 

Step 1 to Destroying Self-Doubt

Listen to the doubt. Often, doubts come from a place of fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of being disappointed. Take a moment and listen to your doubt, acknowledge the source. 

Think of doubt like your little friend... who is like four years old. Doubt wants to hold your hand everywhere you go. It wants to cry and run away from the unknown. 

I don't want you to obey your four-year-old friend Doubt, I want you to listen to it. I want you to hear it out, and then comfort it. Say to little Doubt, "hey, I hear you. I know you don't want to do this. But it's gonna be okay. I've got you." See what happens. 

Step 2 to Destroying Self-Doubt 

Write it out. Write down the great things you've done in the past. Write out your accomplishments- big and small. Make a list of your triumphs, what you're good at. Explain why you're qualified to DO THE THING. To BE AWESOME. Make a list, 1-10 (or more) and explain why you are totally awesome. 

Were you a lil soccer champ in your elementary school days? Write it down. Did you once write the best poem ever? Did you swim across an entire lake? Earn your degree? Get a job you were really excited about? Maybe you have stellar taste in music, or you design the cutest doodles on the planet. Do dogs love you? Write that down. Think about how you felt in each of those moments- how doing those activities makes you feel. You know you've got this! 

Step 3 to Destroying Self-Doubt 

Learn what triggers your feelings of doubt, and make a plan to lessen those triggers in your daily life. For example, if being around a certain person or thinking about calling your mom starts giving you feelings of not being enough, of being worthless, of maybe being a failure... don't DO those things. Or practice steps 1 and 2 here first to put yourself in a better mental space. 

If you feel self-doubt when you get overwhelmed, try tidying up your space... meditating... creating a to-do list and a daily routine (and sticking to it!)... Integrate those activities into your daily life that will reduce the pressure that leads to those negative feelings. 

I hope this has been helpful!

Until next time,

Jessica Peña