The LILACS Guide to Overcoming Any Fear

Practice LILACS daily to overcome any fear. Remember to be consistent! Your fear didn't become this powerful in a single day, and it's probably not going to disappear in a single day either. Make the choice, every single day, and it will pay off! 

The LILACS Guide breaks the process of overcoming a fear down into simple steps. 

LILACS Guide to Overcoming Fear 



Love is the opposite of fear. To overcome your fears, you have to learn how to live from a place of love rather than fear. This place of love is inside every one of us, some of us just need some guidance and practice to get there.

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Simply setting the intention of overcoming your fear is a HUGE step in the right direction! Write down WHY you want to overcome this particular fear. What's so bad about living with this fear that you don't want to do it for another moment? What would your life look like without this fear? What would you do if you weren't afraid of this thing in particular? What would happen if you were to do that today? 


Being wrong can be scary. So can embracing a new way of thinking... but it doesn't have to be that way. Embrace obstacles and confusion as opportunities for learning! You'll learn every day of your life, so find a way to enjoy it. 


You're coming from a place of love with the intention to overcome your fear, right? (Hint: If you've been following along so far, you are!) Well, now it's time to act! You've thought about what you'd do if you weren't afraid. Maybe it's time to do that. Live as if you already have what you want, and see what happens. 


I don't know about you, but I've heard this thousands of times: Consistency is key. It's TRUE! Your fear didn't become some all-powerful life-changing force in a day, it happened over time. It probably crept in subtly at first, and then as you fed it scraps, it grew. I'm sorry to say it's probably not going to disappear in a day! But it is still manageable. Show up every day and keep pushing; you can do this! You don't have to move the whole mountain in a day, just show up and do a little bit consistently and watch the magic happen. 


With any major change in life, it's important to make time for silence. When overcoming fears, silence can be especially helpful because it makes room for reflection, forgiveness, intentional kindness toward yourself, and the opportunity to initiate mental shifts that will help you overcome that fear and embrace this new version of yourself. 

Practice LILACS with one specific fear in mind. I challenge you to practice these steps for ONE WEEK and document your results. 

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