10 Signs You're Set for Success!

Today I want to talk about what it looks like to be SUCCESSFUL! If you're like me, there's a very vague head-in-the-clouds image in your mind of what it means to be successful... and while those beautiful vague images of success are pleasant to think about, they don't tend to manifest until I break them down into some TANGIBLE goals! Which brings me to today's topic- 10 signs you're set for success! Because being successful is more than just having a pretty image floating in your mind. A lot of these signs are ideas, rather than specifics, but we're going to take them a step further in our next post and look at how each step translates into that tangible result!

For today, take a look at this list and see how many of these signs are true for you! 

There you have 'em. How many of these signs could you check off your list? Were there any you could ALMOST say you'd done, that you're so close to owning? Which sign would make you feel the most CONFIDENT in your ability to be successful? Better yet- what EXACTLY does success look like to you? 

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