Balanced Life | Abundance & Grief

This is such an amazing topic for the autumn season, because autumn itself is a perfect representation of abundance and grief creating something incredible. The changing and falling of the leaves, the abundance of those final fall harvests, joggers out soaking in the final days of pre-winter weather, the loss of summer, but the beginning of all things cozy…

3 Self-Care Ideas for Your Mind & Body

One of my favorite things about fall is what a perfect time it is for self-care. If you keep busy in the summer and fall, preparing for the shock of being indoors more throughout the winter sometimes needs to include reconnecting with yourself.

Those inner voices get louder when we feel isolated and as someone who experiences seasonal depression, I know all too well how brutally isolating the frozen months can be!

How to Make a Decision When You Feel Torn

So you’re feeling stuck? I know the struggle… I want to teach you about extrapolating a decision today. This is something I do all. the. time. when I can’t choose between two options and I feel like there are overwhelming downsides to every option (or they are both freakin’ awesome and I don’t know which is better).



I haven’t always been confident, and I didn’t even really notice that I’d gotten more confident until this kind lady pointed it out. In the past three years, my confidence has exploded. I’m sure some of it just has to do with life experience, but I can think of a few things I’ve done or realized that probably had a lot to do with the sudden change. Let me tell you about it.

#metoo | One Woman's Thoughts on Feminism, Rape, and Bras.

#metoo | One Woman's Thoughts on Feminism, Rape, and Bras.

At first I resisted it SO HARD. “Don’t be a feminazi,” some rotten little voice in my head would mutter when I’d start to let my anger out. And back into the box it would go- because I wouldn’t want to be a bitch. or a feminazi. or a psychopath. or something. Right? Because I was “too much” and I needed to “chill.”

How to Trust Yourself (even if you struggle to trust others)

Trusting ourselves should be the most natural thing in the world, but the truth is that it can be really difficult. Especially if we believe we’ve been wrong in the past, and even more so if our being wrong ended with pain and regret. (If this is you, take a look at this post where we talk more in-depth about releasing regret.)

How to Tell if a Feeling is Genuine (or if it’s a mask!)

I’m going to give you two tools to uncover the truth behind what’s going on. They’ll be most effective if you start with the first one to get in tune with your body and really feel where you are physically, and then dive into the second exercise to open up to the answers your heart already knows (that your self-doubt is drowning out).