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Are the people who love you holding you back?

As humans, we naturally long to belong and feel safe and loved from the day we are born… but is it possible that in receiving that love, we actually end up staying small in life?

I don’t believe the people who love us most in the world hold us back intentionally, but I think sometimes the subconscious fear of losing that loving support causes us to play it small in life. We want to be liked. We need it. We need to feel loved, and our diligent ego is here to protect us from the kind of pain that comes with rejection and loneliness…

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#metoo | One Woman's Thoughts on Feminism, Rape, and Bras.

At first I resisted it SO HARD. “Don’t be a feminazi,” some rotten little voice in my head would mutter when I’d start to let my anger out. And back into the box it would go- because I wouldn’t want to be a bitch. or a feminazi. or a psychopath. or something. Right? Because I was “too much” and I needed to “chill.”

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Introducing Feminine Power

There's a reason storms are named for women. Feminine power is an intimate connection with the divine. It's the ability to feel love and anger at the same time. To feel any number of things at the same time. To move mountains- maybe not physical ones but the massive emotional ones that crush the unprepared and leave many in feelings of hopelessness. To embrace feminine power is to embrace the power to ignite feelings of love and passion and devotion in anyone- just by expressing the truth in your own heart and soul. It is to understand, forgive, and love oneself knowing all vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and shortcomings. 

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Coping with Miscarriage

If you've suffered a miscarriage, I want you to know it is going to be okay. You will be okay. The pain doesn't stay like this forever, like there's a hole in your chest, like your foot is falling through the air in the dark. It passes. I want you to know however you cope, it is okay. Give yourself a break. Sure, maybe try to avoid becoming an alcoholic, but if you need an extra glass of wine, if you want to eat icecream out of the tub, if you take the longest bath in the history of indoor plumbing, if you run 12 miles, whatever you do is totally fine! It's okay, let yourself grieve. 

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Rape: The horror, the depression, the healing

After a while, I started to journal again. I was angry. Furious, all the time. I don't even know what I hated, but I hated it with all my heart. Myself? Him? The world? I still don't know who I was mad at during that time, but I was so angry I could hardly speak to anyone at all. When I wasn't angry, I was sobbing, when I wasn't angry or sobbing, I was asleep on a pillow wet from tears. When the tears wouldn't come anymore, I felt numb. 

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