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Not your mother's... pap smear? My walk through women's health after sexual trauma.

I shared a vulnerable video to Facebook before my annual wellness visit and pap smear this morning, but there are some details I wanted to get into that I think are better covered in writing. My intention is for this post to be helpful to all women- because honestly pap smears are never fun. They are super uncomfortable- and I remember dreading them even before I ever experienced a miscarriage or the trauma of rape.

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Unconventional Ways to Earn an Income

Actually, I haven’t tried “real jobs” online, I’ve spent hundreds of hours searching for and applying for legitimate part- and full-time jobs online, but I never heard back from any of them, or the ones I did hear back from came off as super scammy and I didn’t pursue it. I’m amazing at getting new jobs, so this just made me feel like maybe the market isn’t as far along online as we thought. Who knows.

Annnyway, I’ll include links where I can with these. There’s only one company I felt was truly rotten, and I’m going to be super blunt with you about it because I do not want you to have the same experience!

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Why I started Blogging (& How You Can Do It Too)

This is the story of Lilacs in Paradise.

I first wanted to be a blogger when I ended up in the hospital at 17 years old. I’d been working as a care giver in a nursing home and I caught a lung infection (which is a big deal! For those of you who don’t know me, I have cystic fibrosis and with CF, a cold or lung infection can be deadly!). It became a perfect nudge into the most amazing journey…

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