Exciting News & Updates | Books, Health, & Moving!

Hey there!

It’s been a while since I showed my face- here I am!

Above , that’s me! Hi!   And to the right? (or below if you’re on your phone!)  That’s my dad’s truck… towing my brand new RV!!!

Above, that’s me! Hi!
And to the right? (or below if you’re on your phone!) That’s my dad’s truck… towing my brand new RV!!!

Keep reading for details… but spoilers? We’re moving to the Oregon Coast in this baby!

Keep reading for details… but spoilers? We’re moving to the Oregon Coast in this baby!

It’s been a hot minute since I sat down to write for you guys here on the LIP page, welcome back!! I have some exciting stuff planned for this site in the next few months- including the release of my next book which has been so highly requested (you guys melt my heart with these requests, thank you).

Today, I just wanted to say a quick hello, give you some amazing life updates, and let you know where Lilacs in Paradise is going from here- because I promise I’m coming back to full-time blogging over here!

3 Major Life Updates

1 | My health is improving- both mentally and physically! (Read: I’m happy and well again!)

Part of what had me at such a low point in the past few posts you’ve seen was the fact that 1) I was in a really toxic living situation and 2) my immune system was freaking OUT! (Here’s how I understood it based on what my doc said: your white blood cell count is supposed to be like 300 or less, right? Maybe 500-600 at peak allergy season if you suffer from allergies. Mine was at 1,100 and climbing!!)

Part of what I had to do to get better, besides obviously getting out of the crappy living situation and doing the basic things that need to be done to take care of a human body (hello eating regular meals, glad to know you again), I had to start taking Prednisone. Let me tell you- that drug is freakin’ SCARY! And I’m probably going to write a post all about my experience with it in the future because I felt SO alone with the crazy (and super common) side effects I was experiencing.

It's so intense, my doctors are tapering me down from my original dose over the course of THREE MONTHS to prevent crazy intense withdrawals and a plethora of accompanying issues. It’s been a real journey, but I’m doing much better and taking care of me.

Thank you guys for all the love and support through my low point. I appreciate you- and thank you to everyone who reached out and let me know my posts were helpful for you in your own dark time. That’s why I share the way I do, so it really means a lot to me to know that my work has touched your lives so deeply.

2 | I’m finally fulfilling my life-long dream of living by the sea!!!

… My husband, 3 pups, and 1 cat are all about to join me in being full-time RVers!

We’re moving to the Oregon coast in September and I am so excited, I can’t even tell you.

This is such an exciting announcement to make, and if you’ve been around a while you already know all the tears, struggles, and triumphs that have gone into creating this dream come true over the past few years.

Part of the reason we lived in such a crappy situation for a year was to save up to be able to do this!

Aside from the ocean, which is reason enough for me because I’m absolutely in love with her, moving to Oregon is giving my husband a shot at his dream career (he has a second interview for the position next week, fingers crossed!), and the ocean air is much better for my lungs- which could make managing my cystic fibrosis even easier. Yes, please.

3 | I started a new business in June… and I keep crying about it.

…Because it’s going SO well! It’s like everything I was trying to create with my coaching business clicked into place… except I’m not a coach anymore.

My new business is a social media management agency called Revived Socials, and I created it while feeling #allthefeels at the Craft & Commerce Conference of 2019. It was a totally serendipitous experience where a client I was doing very part-time virtual assistant work for gave me the opportunity to attend the conference for free.

She invited me at kinda the lowest of my low point, and I recognized it as an opportunity to keep dwelling in the shame and pain I was feeling, or start picking myself up and being open to love and growth in life. So, I’m very proud and grateful to say I chose the latter. I went to the conference and felt such an overwhelmingly powerful connection to so many other heart-centered entrepreneurs.

While watching the many incredible speakers in the conference, I realized I had so much knowledge and experience that was really valuable…

but more importantly, I realized that who I am as a person and the philosophy I carry through my life is something absolutely priceless…

So… I combined the two and created a business helping small heart-centered creators grow their own businesses through genuine human connections- exactly the kind that basically saved my life at the C&C conference. It’s been so much fun to grow, and it’s also helped me separate my entrepreneurial ambitions from the more heart-felt and impractical creations that I love to pour into Lilacs in Paradise and my beautiful writing.

The business took off from day one- like, literally! It’s not even two months old and I’m already making a full-time income, and I have several clients who opted to pay in full through October so I even have some consistency!

It’s a literal dream come true and I am just lost in gratitude right now.

Which brings me to…

The future of Lilacs in Paradise
+ my Books!

I love this space where I get to share so intimately with you guys. It’s precious to me, and it’s something that really lights me up and helps my soul shine through on a thousand different levels.

I’m a writer at heart, and that’s not going anywhere.

I’ve decided to commit to weekly posts here on the blog for you guys! I want to share more insights on what I’m writing- I have some really beautiful books in the works including the one I hinted at earlier, which is just about ready to be sent out to an editor. But along with insights on my books, I want to share more of what I’ve learned these past few years.

I’m a woman now, and I remember at 16… 18… 22…
wondering if I was ever going to say that with confidence…

I wondered if I’d ever stop feeling like a scared little girl, a little bird with so much healing to do…

So what I want to begin sharing more of in this space is the healing process I went through and the philosophy, habits, rituals, and decisions I made along the path to healing. I want to share insights on becoming a confident, kind-hearted, mindful adult women while healing and growing through the trauma, tragedy, and struggles of a complicated childhood… I also want to touch on issues of chronic illness and infertility, which you know have created plenty of wounds in my own heart.

So there you have it!

You can expect weekly posts here on the blog from now on! I’m working on getting an email list up- so keep an eye out for that if you want to subscribe for notifications when new blog posts go up. Otherwise, be sure to find me on Instagram @silenceofthelilacs or follow the Lilacs in Paradise page on Facebook so you know when I’ve shared something new.

Thank you so much for the love and support, I’m really glad you’re here and I hope that my sharing impacts your life in a powerful way. You deserve all the happiness in the world, let’s create it together.


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