Building Self-Discipline | How to Truly Commit to a Habit

If you have ever struggled with creating a habit you love, only to fall off the wagon… again and again… and again…

1: Me too.

2: This post is for you.


I’m going to tell you my journey to truly connecting to a daily yoga practice after years of being a wanna-be on-again-off-again yogi. This lesson applies to all sorts of habits, though!

KEEP READING IF: you’re prepared to be honest with yourself and open up to new possibilities.

Okay, so I want to be really honest with you. This isn’t actually a big complicated tip or secret.

It’s super simple!

It’s actually EASY.

It’s just that… we have a tendency to complicate things, ya know? We like to make mountains of mole hills and create more trouble out of a dilemma than there ever needed to be.

For some crazy reason, we like to keep ourselves busy with an abundance of little problems and challenges. Sometimes, if things are working out in our favor too much, our doubts and our ego step in to create some new friction in life to keep us from getting too comfortable.

This is something you can work on in every area of your life by learning to recognize resistance in order to release the resistance, embrace your true loving core self, and step into your own power and peace in life…

But that is a practice that takes time to master. You’re building a really powerful new state of mind by doing it, and I definitely recommend it, but I want to give you a tool to use in the mean time to help yourself stick to healthy habits you want to incorporate into your daily life.

Conveniently, this is also a concept that might help with committing to a regular practice of recognizing resistance in your life!

The secret is to change the story you’re telling yourself about the habit you’ve been trying to incorporate into your lifestyle.

So, let’s break this down with my example.

I want to be someone who practices yoga daily. More than that though, I want to be a yoga instructor and offer free yoga sessions to local foster children and their families.

There’s a huge dream behind this habit I want to create, and it inspires me and keeps me coming back to the mat…

But no matter how many times I committed to my yoga practice in the past or how many classes I went to, I always ended up missing a day here or there early into establishing the new routine, and so I fell off the wagon.

After a year of practicing yoga every single day, I missed a couple days during a move and then never really went back to it. I tried a couple times in the new house, and it just didn’t feel like the routine I’d had going. It was in a new place and the habit just didn’t stick.

So the weeks passed and I had every intention of getting on the mat again… You know when you think about doing something every. single. day. for weeks, and then suddenly those weeks turn into months and you still have done nothing but talk about doing The Thing?

That’s what I kept doing with yoga!

Finally, it got to the point where I realized I could no longer call myself a baby yogi.

At that point, I was just someone who thought and talked about enjoying yoga, but never actually DID it.

But then I had this realization…

I have a relationship with my yoga practice.

Already, even when I don’t practice for a while.

It’s something I think about, something I connect with on a deeper level, something I long for, and something I love.

Yoga doesn’t just stop being a part of my world because I failed to get on the mat for a couple days, or even months. It’s still a part of me.

It’s just that I’ve been neglecting my relationship with that part of myself.

See, realizing I WAS a yogi still… just an inconsistent, lazy, undisciplined yogi… was exactly what I needed to know!

Because it feels like so much pressure to create some perfect yoga practice out of nowhere and commit to it for the rest of your life… but to rebuild a relationship that already exists, to see what needs some loving and where I need to take action to heal the rift between the part of my self that IS and the part of myself that LONGS TO BE… that sounds doable.


I am spending my entire life with my SELF, so it’s not really so much pressure when I realize that my relationship with my yoga practice is already mine. My yoga practice exists already and it belongs to me. It’s mine to nurture or neglect.

Now, all I have to do is make the choice. And now that I see this practice IS my own and is already a part of me, it’s so easy to choose it every day! There’s no more falling off the wagon, because even if I miss a day, I know that I still love yoga and I know that I will still long for it again and come back to the mat.

Now, I have the courage to face that side of myself that I’ve been neglecting and I can face her and greet her with love and excitement to see her again, rather than hiding away in shame because I’ve let myself down.

You cannot fall off the wagon of who you truly are.
She’s always in there, you know?

What do you think? Journal this out a bit and see where the thought takes you. Have you struggled to run, write, read, live in a space of abundance, overcome a scarcity mindset, release regret or resentment? Learn something new?

Wherever your journey is taking you, I hope this helps.

With love,

Jessica Peña