Introducing Feminine Power

There's so much to say about feminine power and energy that I couldn't possibly cover it in a single blog post- but I want to introduce you to the concept of feminine power. 

Feminine power is fluid. It is resilient, flowing, changing, feeling, fierce, gentle, strong, and so much more all at the same time. Feminine power is AND, not OR, not BUT. Always AND. Feminine power is about openness, vulnerability, expansiveness, and flow. It's being fully in the moment and truly, deeply, fiercely feeling what is there to be felt. 

Feminine power is ferocious. It's the goddess, the siren, the witch, and none of those words are as dirty as we've been lead to believe in the patriarchal society of today. 

Feminine power is absolutely divine. And it's not just for women. Just as women are capable of being, feeling, and using masculine power- masculine energy of logic and problem solving and grasping the concrete facts and cold hard truths- men can also feel and use and embrace the feminine energy of flow. Men can step into intuition and emotion as well, and I think this is an important thing to keep in mind as we women grow and expand and learn to shine brighter in our feminine energy. As we step into our power, we are lighthouses for those who haven't found it yet. ALL of those who haven't found it yet. The man, the patriarchy, and masculine energy are not the enemies of feminine power. They are the balance. The problem today is that they saturate seats of influence and power in the world. The balance needs to be restored. This cannot be done if women are cruel and sneaky with their own power- it is a power that belongs to everyone, just as the mother earth is a part of us all. 

So what is feminine energy, if it is not simply the state of being that comes with having female anatomy? 

The power of the feminine is many things! It is all things, at the same time. It is the mother who nurtures and loves, and also the mother who fiercely protects- who would destroy any who would harm her children. It is the lover, the seductress, the playfulness, and the wisdom. There's a reason storms are named for women. Feminine power is an intimate connection with the divine. It's the ability to feel love and anger at the same time. To feel any number of things at the same time. To move mountains- maybe not physical ones but the massive emotional ones that crush the unprepared and leave many in feelings of hopelessness. To embrace feminine power is to embrace the power to ignite feelings of love and passion and devotion in anyone- just by expressing the truth in your own heart and soul. It is to understand, forgive, and love oneself knowing all vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and shortcomings. 

Feminine power is wild and passionate- it's soothing and gentle- it's cold and cruel- it's on fire. And a woman who embraces this? Who steps fully into her own being, her own power? She's the most powerful being alive. Always. She's a sister, a lover, a friend, a sorceress, a goddess, and she is all the love and life in the world- and the most incredible part is that she is all of this and she knows it. 

Feminine power knows no shame. It is pure love. Pure confidence, even in moments of doubt there is never any doubt that she will succeed in what she set out to become. She may make mistakes, and she will learn from them, and she will continue to grow brighter and stronger and more fierce every day. 

Have you embraced your own feminine power? Do you smother female energy, push it away as if it is fantasy, irrelevant, or foolish? What are you so afraid of? 

Are you looking to embrace it? 

This is what I coach. No matter who you are, no matter what you've done, no matter where you live or what you do for a living. Whether you are a man or a woman, there is power in intuition. There is power in embracing every aspect of oneself, and there is more power in allowing than you can possibly imagine. Let me show it to you. It's time to come back to yourself. 


 So much love to you lady,

Jessica Peña