How to Trust Yourself (part 2): Growing your Intuition and Doing the Thing!

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post, How to Trust Yourself. Visit that post for the first two steps!

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Let’s dive right back in with the third step, getting out of your own way so that you CAN build upon your intuition!

Step three in learning to trust yourself: Give up perfectionism.

Look. You’re human. It’s okay if you make a few mistakes.

Nobody wants to mess up or look foolish or accidentally be a jerk or offend someone or start an online comment war. People don’t love confrontation (well, not most of us at least).

So why are you holding yourself to standards of perfection?

Is that really what you want? You want to stand on the fence, plan your whole life away and never actually go for it?

You want to let yourself down and then rip yourself apart because you missed your chance, and then spend so long planning that you miss out again, and then lay there on your death bed one day and realize you never did a damn thing you wanted to do because you were afraid a mistake might just be the end of the world?



You already know that’s all crap.

You already know you want to live a passionate life. You already want to stop being a perfectionist and learn to execute your amazing ideas, go with the flow sometimes, pave your own path at times, and have an impact on this world.

You want to do something you can be proud of, something you love, something your loved ones can be totally proud of you for, right?

Well. Then decide to already!


Step four (bonus step!): QUIT MAKING EXCUSES!

Okay, tough love time.

If you’ve been whining about how you want to Do The Thing but you’re not ready to commit but you wish you could stop being a perfectionist and just go for it… but, but but…



Oh my god, Jessica. (wink)

Do the damn thing already.

Take the first step. Right now.

What’s the first step? Write it down.

Get it done. You have 24 hours. #toughlove

Go now. Do the thing. Reach out to the person who can help you. Write the plan. Be brilliant. You can DO this!

No more procrastinating.

That is how you trust yourself: by DOING.

Not by thinking and worrying and planning and thinking again and criticizing over and over.

What do you want? If you don’t want to go for it, then just admit that and be done with tormenting yourself with expectations that you don’t want to meet in the first place.

Otherwise, make. it. happen.

That is all.


With so much love,

Jessica Peña