Happy Birthday Lilacs in Paradise Coaching! ... And a gentle change of direction


For today’s post, we’re celebrating 1 year of my coaching business- and I want to share some news with you:

Lilacs in Paradise is turning back to her roots!

Basically, I got super excited about a lot of the business skills and strategy I was learning this past year. It was thrilling and empowering to realize I am capable of so much…

But some of it seriously went to my head- and btw, thank you to those of you who stuck it out and rode the waves with me. You’re the best. ❤ Seriously.

Anyway, it got in my head that if I wanted to make money in my business and grow it and be some vague vision of “successful,” then I needed to prove myself as a business woman and start teaching others how to build their businesses from the ground up as well.

Well, news flash to me, I’m a self love coach- not a business coach!

And it’s time to start acting like it.

What I’ve learned this past year and the qualifications I am able to lean on with my business degree are awesome, but ultimately business coaching and strategy aren’t for me- they’re not my forte and there are plenty of AMAZING business coaches out there! Some I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with and many I’ve become friends with in different online communities… and the biggest takeaway I’m getting is that yes, I’m great at what I do and I’ve grown something really special here, but no, I don’t know everything… and I’m not everyone’s coach for everything either.

And also, as much as I’d love to live a life of ease and luxury someday, I’ve also realized that I do value working hard for what I have. I’m happy growing at my own pace, where I’m at right now IS my dream life for right now, and I’m sure that’ll change and I’ll grow and learn some more. But I don’t need to strive to be a 6-figure business owner… I just want to be a self love coach. I just want to share the love, share my story, and continue learning and loving every single day. And that has very little to with money. Honestly, I’m blessed to be in a situation where that’s true and I’m celebrating it from now on- rather than trying to force myself to hit some crazy figure that doesn’t feel right for me and charging outrageous prices for a simple service of love.

So, my promise to my community going forward?

I’m here to share my journey of love and forgiveness with the world in order to help others grow and heal. That’s it. Not here to teach marketing strategy, not here to teach business systems and analytics. I’m here to share the love, and that’s what I’m gonna do. Screw the insane pricing of coaching, forget busting through monetary ceilings and “charging my worth” to prove a point. I’m here to serve YOU. I’m here to be a resource, and I’m here to do a job that I love doing. I’m ready to do it MY way. I’m ready to do it without trying to meet some vague standard of business-woman success.

I’m here vulnerable and raw and full of love, just like I always was before, like I strive to always be. It’s been a weird and crazy year, but my roots are strong and I’m happy to be coming back to myself in this way. I know you are too- so many of you have already reached out and said something! Thank you for seeing me, you’re so sweet! This community is my favorite thing about what I do.

So, now that that’s out in the open… Here’s what to expect moving forward.

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Instagram @silenceofthelilacs | Expect loving messages, inspiring quotes, stories and deeply personal reflections on love and healing, #girlboss and goddess of the week shoutouts to the most impactful women I encounter

Facebook Page & Profile | Expect updates on recent blog posts and podcast episodes, new Medium articles released, and inspiring + loving quotes.

And don’t forget to search for The Embrace Yourself Podcast on your favorite podcast platform- or click the link to listen directly on my host site. There’s a new episode every Wednesday and they’re a hit so far! This summer, I’m even bringing in my little sister to talk about the completely opposite ways we’ve coped with and healed from childhood trauma and grown into such wonderful women (if I do say so myself). It’s a space for healing, vulnerability, and giggles. I hope you find your place here with me. ❤

Finally, keep an eye out for my next book! (And watch my IG for sneak peaks coming soon!!)

New Book Coming Soon!

I can’t tell you too much about it quite yet, but in a vague nutshell, it’s an exploration of Embrace Yourself concepts, with a bit of my personal story and the philosophy of love and kindness behind all that I do… with strong tones of feminine power and opening up to difficult feelings. It’s a philosophical self-love book, and you’re going to love it. I’ll be sharing previews and updates on Instagram as we get closer to time.

Wait, what about the VA services?

I’m still working as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager! I’m really good at what I do in those areas and it’s something I really love doing, so I don’t see that service going away any time soon. I’m just not offering COACHING on those things specifically anymore. If you happen to be a blogger or baby bossbabe in my coaching, or if you are simply a member of my community reaching out to me for insight, of course I’m gonna share! I’m just not going to be shouting Business Marketing Coaching from the rooftops in the foreseeable future.

If you need VA work or social media management services, contact me directly for a menu of my prices or a quote for your specific needs. I’d love the chance to get to know your brand and see if we’re a good match.

That’s all for today. Thank you so much for joining me on this incredible journey, here’s to another year of awesomeness!

With love,

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