Live Like You Give a F*ck | Creating a Habit of Intentional Living

Today we’re getting a little more blunt & abrasive than usual, and for good reason. You’ve been stuck, bored, afraid, and unsure for long enough, damn it! It’s time to start making a change, having an impact, and enjoying your actual life.


Look, it’s YOUR job to create a life that you love.

Did you seriously think someone else was going to do it for you? (Hint: Nope, you didn’t. You’ve just been procrastinating and scared and stuck in this crappy box that makes you kinda miserable and anxious, but feels less scary than actually having dreams and desires and taking steps to go for it. That’s the truth. You’ve officially been called out. #sorrynotsorry)

So now that you know the truth…

What are you going to do with it?

My advice? USE the truth to your advantage!

Use the resistance, friction, discomfort, fear, and frustration to fuel your fire and actually start creating the life you genuinely want to live.

Ask yourself honestly: what the hell have you been trying to create? Look with clear and open eyes at the decisions and actions you’ve been taking throughout these past few months, or maybe even years.

Forget what you’ve been saying you want or what you’ve been complaining about, resisting, avoiding, or “trying to work toward.”

I know what it feels like to wish you were putting forth a massive effort and then to not have that wishing be enough, and get frustrated about it… but you know what? Just wishing for it isn’t enough. Not even if you wish real hard and resent the way that things are and continue to be…

That’s not how it works. You don’t make things better by hating the way that they are or feeling guilty for failing to make changes.

If you want shit to change, CHANGE it.

Make your moves with intention. Make decisions with clarity.

It starts right now. You don’t have to move the whole mountain at once, you just have to take the step right in front of you. Ask yourself what you want, and don’t take any drama with the answers. If you get a vague answer to what you want, by all means roll with it… but question it too. Get more specific. Get clear on who the hell you want to be in the future.

How else are you going to get to be her? You think you become your future self without having a clue who she is? Nah, that shit requires some serious intentions!

You have to get to know her. So live like you give a damn. Live like your life matters and is precious to you and like it’s the one and only life you get to live, and like the way it unfolds from here on is kinda your responsibility! (Because, um, it IS.)

This, what’s happening right now… it’s your life.

Like it actually IS your life. It’s happening, you’re existing. The clock is ticking, time is passing, this feeling of stuckness or boredness or frustration, this IS your experience. And until you decide differently, this is going to continue to be your life.

So quit acting like you don’t care or like it’s out of your hands. That’s not pushing the pause button, life and time are still passing you by. Life doesn’t care that you haven’t made a decision and that you aren’t being intentional with your thoughts and actions, it’s going to keep moving forward anyway.

So get on the train! What are you waiting for?

Whatever you’re waiting for, release that useless expectation and wake up. Wake up to the present, because this moment right here and now is the moment that belongs to you as we speak. This moment is yours to shape. Take the next 20 seconds to think about what you want in life.

Not what you DON’T want, not what you’re unhappy about, not what you wish your life looked like. Think about your actual desire. What is it that you want? LOOK at it. Get serious about it. Have the courage to actually want whatever it is that you want, for 20 seconds.

Now, what is your next move going to be?

It’s time to wake up.

This has been an affectionately firm pep talk from yours truly. For more, find me on Instagram and share in the comments below letting me know how I can help. What are you waking up to, and what are you going to do about it?

With love,

Jessica Peña