How to actually apply the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, in this application, is the idea that the energy we give off attracts the same level energy back to us. So when we are resentful, fearful, and restrictive, we attract restrictive energy into our life- in many forms. 

However, when we are living in light and love, existing completely in a space of expansiveness and joy and abundance, we attract that same expansiveness back into our lives. 

Similarly, when we focus on getting rid of something, we are actually focused on the thing we do not want. We are resisting it, and so we attract it back in because our energy is in a space of resistance. Does that make sense? 

We are always applying the Law of Attraction into our lives, but sometimes we are intentional about it and the rest of the time we are not. This is why stepping into our best, most loving and expansive selves and learning to live there 100% of the time is so incredibly powerful- because when we live in that expansive state of being and that is our natural resting state, it becomes effortless and easy. We attract that goodness because we are that goodness. 

Wow, that was really freakin' simple, huh? 

So how do you actually apply that? You already are. That's the whole point. 

It's not strategy or method or ideas or inspiration that you need. You simply need to step into the state of BEING for what you'd like to attract. Step into your future self who lives the life you absolutely love, who has and lives all that you hope to manifest, and start being that person today. 

What makes your future self your future self is not the stuff she has or the place she lives or anything like that! It is her energy. Her energy is what brought all that she has into her life- the people, the things, the living space, the situations that she finds herself in... that is all just energy of the universe responding to the energy that future you is radiating... 

If you want to apply the Law of Attraction in your life, get intentional. Learn more and more about your future self, get really close with her. Understand that she is fluid, she can always change, but it's not about the material places and things anyway. It's about her energy. 

Imagine her life from a physical space. Write it out, talk about what her days look like and get really specific! And then go back through what you wrote and write out how she's feeling and what she's thinking. Learn what your future self believes in order to live the life she lives... and then begin learning those new beliefs yourself. That is how you become your future self, that is how you manifest that future for yourself. You have the power to step into that state of being any time you choose. 

Remember, the being comes before the doing. 
Drop the search for a new strategy and embrace the being first. 

When you step into that expansive state of being, all that you want is already on its way to you. It's yours as soon as you are ready to allow it into your life. If you ever need help, book your discovery call with me or reach out to me using the contact form above. I'm here to help. 


Much love,

Jessica Peña