Moon Manifestation: New Moon Intentions and Full Moon Releasing

full moon.jpg

I know I’m not the only woman in the world to say I’ve always loved the moon and felt drawn to her. The connection is something I’d imagine every person has felt to some degree. After all, the moon has the power to control the movement of the entire ocean on our planet- and being made so much of water, it makes sense that our human bodies also respond to that gravity.


So… if we’re connected to the moon… what do we do with that knowledge? Well honestly, you don’t have to “do” anything with it. It was true before you ever knew it and even if you forget, it will still be true.

But there are ways we can grow our connection with the moon and take action in our own lives in sync with that lunar energy so that our efforts are even more impactful! I recently took part in a Moon Manifestation Course where we discussed the power of New Moon and Full Moon rituals… I really took the information to heart and I’ve shifted some of my practices and routines to match the lunar cycle more intentionally.


There’s no escaping the ethereal glow of the moon. She calls to me in so many ways, I cannot help but meet her when she shows her lovely face. 
— Jessica Peña

In case you don’t know, the new moon is when there is no moon visible in the sky. And, of course, the full moon is when we can see the moon in an entire perfect circle.


During the new moon, we have a powerful opportunity to set intentions and decide on a course of action. We use that fresh new energy of the new moon phase to spark a powerful change. Some ways to do this are to make a list of your intentions and changes, to write out affirmations or statements as if you are already that future version of yourself who is where you’d like to be… Another way is to create a mood board or vision board for each intention. In her Moon Manifestation course, Amber Lanier recommended ending the ritual and closing the circle with the words “and so it is.”


I’m sure that’s a very popular phrase in the magical world, but it’s something I’ve never heard before and it really resonated with me! What a powerful sequence of words. “And so it is.” Boom.


Now, if the new moon is time for setting intentions, the full moon is the time for releasing them. It’s a time for releasing what’s past, what has held us back or blocked us from growing. At the full moon, cleansing our space can be a powerful ritual- whether it’s deep cleaning the entire house (like this crazy woman right here did for the full moon in August of 2018! It was INTENSE!)... burning that old list of intentions from the new moon (safely please!)... writing out what you’re releasing or simply saying it aloud… I like to do a yoga session with the intention of releasing all that no longer serves me. I light a candle beforehand, ask the flame to burn away what no longer serves me, and when I blow it out at the end, I know that what I wanted to release has gone out with the flame. (I will be finishing this all off with “and so it is” now that I know this!)


I’m still very new to studying the moon, and I plan to keep it up, so if you want to keep learning with me, be sure to say hello and let me know you’re loving it! I’d love to hear from you.