Working Through Resistance: 22 Questions to Ask

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First off, what is resistance?

In case you aren’t already familiar with the concept of resistance, I want to fill you in! Resistance is friction in life. It’s anything tough, annoying, different, uncomfortable… It’s anything that rubs you wrong or bothers you or scares you.

Think about the last time you wished someone well. Like truly loved them so much and wanted all the good in the world. (If you can’t think of a specific time, maybe there’s a song that just makes you feel so much love for the whole world. That Christmas song about buying shoes for his mother always brings me those feels.) That’s expansiveness. It’s the love, light, joy, the faith in others and wishing the best.. That’s the opposite of resistance.

In this post about recognizing resistance, I talked about ways you can identify resistance in your life and I gave you some tips for coping with it. Today’s post is a bit of a follow up on that- but in the form of journal prompts!

I want to give you a few questions to ask your resistance that will hopefully help you get to the bottom of your resistance (what Jessica May Tang calls the “Root Block”) in order to resolve it and free yourself up to live from that space of expansiveness all the time.

So let’s dive in.

Questions to Ask Resistance:

  1. Why does this resistance bother me?

  2. What about it makes it so [however it feels]?

  3. Where in my body do I feel this resistance?

  4. When did this resistance start?

  5. When is the first time in my life I can recall feeling this way?

  6. What would I do differently if I didn’t feel this resistance?

  7. Is it possible for me to do that ^ now? What is actually stopping me?

  8. What would my life look like in 5 years if I continued to hesitate or choose the path of lease resistance (by avoiding dealing with this resistance rather than working through it)? Would I have the life I want to live? Would I feel stuck? Would I be happy?

  9. What would my life look like in 5 years if I chose to do what my heart is telling me today, and continued to trust my heart and make those expansive decisions every single time?

  10. What does a day in my ideal life look like?

  11. What is different about the way I feel, behave, and think in that ideal day compared to today?

  12. What can I do to bridge the gap between my ideal life and my current life?

  13. Do I believe I could have the feeling of joy and all that I hope for from my ideal life… as early as tomorrow? Why or why not?

  14. What will it actually feel like to have all of my goals met, everything I want, and nothing that I don’t want?

  15. Who in my life is knowledgeable about what I’m working through? What resources do I have to better understand my decision?

  16. Is this a decision my intuition can make for me?

  17. What does my heart want me to do? Why do I feel resistance to that decision?

  18. Do I trust myself? Why or why not?

  19. What would it take for me to trust myself? How can I build that trust?

  20. If I knew I could trust myself to follow through, would I do what my heart wants right now?

  21. Where in my body do I feel expansiveness?

  22. How can I consciously grow that feeling of expansiveness right now?

Bonus Question: What happens to feelings of resistance when I focus on growing expansiveness instead of focusing on getting rid of resistance? (Have you ever tried to focus on what you DO want, rather than what you DON’T want? This question assumes you have! If you haven’t, give it a try. Journal about only what you DO want. What does that feel like? What does it look like, walk me through a morning, a full day, a bath, whatever you want! Details!! #thisworks)

There you have it. If you have any questions to add share them in the comments below!

Break through that resistance. You have so much expansiveness to live for. I believe in you.

With love,

Jessica Peña