Opening Up Online as an Introverted Creator


Have you seen The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart?


It's a really cute show on Netflix, and a great example of what happens when we approach life with our guard up.

I especially love Miss Acacia and the way the artists showed her guard going up as a rope of thorns that appears around her body. Sometimes I feel that happen in myself, especially online where it's so easy for people to forget they are sharing with other humans- not just a screen full of numbers.

Sometimes I meet someone new and, especially online, I'm not sure if I'm just going to be a number to them- as if they're sharing advice with me in order to convince me to buy something or just to show off- or if they’re actually interested in a real connection... I fear wasting my time and being let down, so I put on my own rope of thorns like Nope, No Thanks, Don't Need What You're Selling...🥀

And then there are times when I feel isolated, I struggle through impostor syndrome and question if my own work means anything...

I realized these experiences are connected. When I put on those thorns to protect myself from disappointment and less-than-genuine interactions, I push genuine experiences away too. The thorns may protect me from malicious and careless people, but ultimately they do more damage than good. They're weeds, and they spread quickly. They push away the good with the bad. It’s not worth it.

I'm learning that peoples' intentions are often truly kind…

And that when they aren't, it rolls right off me anyway because I'm here for love and kindness. That's what I'm about, I'm not going to cling to the rest, you know? So it's safe to soften my thorns. It's safe to let my guard down- not to eat up every word everyone says, but to be open to beautiful connections and actual human moments with other humans.

It's safe to soften your thorns. 

It's safe to take no notice of the crap in the world for a moment and to just bask in the glow of a beautiful community and the people who really matter, who see you and know you, who help you feel and show up authentically. It's safe to shed your thorns and embrace not being in control of what others think or say or do.

You don't need thorns in order to do you. 🌻

Remember who you are as a creator, as a human, as a friend… and be that person.
Trust yourself, let down your walls and soften your thorns.
You are here to do so much more than merely heal or protect yourself.

I believe in you and I promise most of us in this online space are feeling the same things. We need each other, we’re here for each other. All you have to do is take the first step- being open to what you want to experience.

Be brave, be kind, be honest.

Let’s do this together. Share your creative space in the comments below if you’d like to support and be supported by other genuine creators in a loving community of authenticity and kindness. Community over competition is the way here.

Jessica PenaComment