Virgo | Zodiac Sun Sign Series

 Original Photo by  Jordan Heath  on  Unsplash  | Edit by Lilacs in Paradise

Original Photo by Jordan Heath on Unsplash | Edit by Lilacs in Paradise

Sun Sign | approximate dates

The Virgin | August 23- September 22

Principle purpose

Analyzing, thinking, interpreting. 

Skillful/unskillful applications

When the Virgo is expressing herself from a space of loving expansiveness- from her truest self- she radiates clarity and intelligence. When she is acting from a constricted space under pressure or out of fear, she may be excessively critical and expect absolute perfection from others and herself. 


Virgo's element is earth; the element of roots, cycles, and consistency. Earth is about material substance, physical reality, which is why Virgos are particularly well known for being aware of their surroundings and skilled at taking in useful information. (These are the monsters... I mean lovely human beings... who spoil every crime show EVER for the rest of us... I know because I married one.) 

Ruling Planet 

Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo. Obviously, because Mercury rules intellect. Our clever Virgos can thank Mercury for any over-thinking tendencies. 


Virgo is ruled by the 6th house; the house of routine. Daily habits and duties. Virgos tend to prefer planning ahead before any change and like to have a consistent schedule. 


Despite their need to plan ahead before change, Virgo has a mutable quality. This means they are adaptable to a point. They are open to learning and appreciate cyclical change. Where other signs may be more likely to initiate a project or stabilize the process, mutable signs like Virgo are there to see it through- to truly follow through, connect the necessary bits and pieces, and achieve that end results. 


Virgo is a yin sign, fueled by feminine energy. This explains their receptive, introverted, and intuitive qualities. 


In Astrology, a sign's orientation refers to the way they form relationships to others and the world around them. Virgo's orientation is interpersonal, meaning they tend to be focused on others. While interpersonal signs are generally considered to be social, this may present differently in Virgos due to their analytical nature; they may be less forthcoming with information, but they process the world in relation to those around them. 

Tarot Card

The Hermit is the Tarot card linked to Virgo. The Hermit is deeply personal, intellectual, and not in a hurry to divulge thoughts and information. The Virgo can learn from the Hermit the importance of balancing analytical thinking with spirituality- finding deeper meaning in the daily routines and cycles the Virgo is so content in leads to greater fulfillment in life and a deeper understanding of ones innate powers and connection with the universe.


Brown and green speaking to the earth elements and mother nature, as well as stability and personal growth. 


A Summary of Virgo

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and is best known for being analytical, observant, and hardworking. They are able to deduce a good deal of information from any situation and sort out what is most relevant. Virgos make reliable friends and lovers, despite being hypercritical at times. True perfectionists, Virgos have high expectations for themselves especially and could do with a little loosening up at times. Remember, nobody is perfect, clever Virgo.

You are enough exactly as you are.