Blogging | Why I Keep a Minimalist Content Calendar

Today I have a little life hack for my fellow bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

min content calendar.jpg

The tip: Keep your content calendar M E L L O W.

Like, make it easy. Super simple, genuinely easy.

Especially if you’re prone to perfectionism and spiraling into frustration when things aren’t going according to plan.

I’m not saying you can’t hustle!

I’m just saying to plan your calendar with SELF love! With some of that fantastic, mellow, restful, restorative yin energy in mind. You don’t have to stick to the limited amount of planned content by any means, but challenge yourself to challenge yourself LESS just for one month, and see how it goes!

If you feel like you want to do more than you planned some days, that’s great. Go for it!

But here me out on this and let me show you how this works for me.

Here’s a peek at my content planning:

In my content calendar, I aim for two days of social media interaction per week (meaning interacting in Facebook groups mainly) and then I plan to schedule 3-5 Instagram posts per week and post to my personal FB profile and my FB business page at least 3 days times each week.

I also aim to publish two blog posts per month. (I usually wind up sharing way more than that, but that’s the minimal posting I plan on my content calendar! See how that works?)

That’s it.

Here’s what usually happens: I post to Instagram every single day. I interact in Facebook groups nearly every day. I post to my profile nearly every day. I post blog posts once per week and reach out to my email list 1-2 times every two weeks.

But… when I’m doing it, it has even more impact because I’m doing it thoughtfully! I’m doing it for fun, because it’s what feels right, what I really want to be doing! It’s intentional and loving, not just another task on my to do list, and my followers can feel that!

And I don’t wind up feeling burned out on it or like the world might just end if I fail to post for a couple days or something- like when my grandma passed away a couple months ago and I really felt called to take some time for myself and run at minimum capacity online for a bit.

And what’s more- when what you post is NOT intentional, your followers will feel THAT.

It’s better to give them nothing at all than to give them something that isn’t aligned with who you are and who you want to be and what your message is!

When you’re doing things because you have to do them (and even though they are totally burning you OUT and you are tired af), your audience can tell. We see you getting all frazzled, and it puts a bit of an obligation-type burden on our shoulders (or it scares us away entirely because who wants to soak up your self-sabotaging stress?).

By constantly maxing yourself out… you’re actually creating more resistance and struggle in your life and business.

If you want to do more, like your soul is freakin’ thrilled about something and you’re so excited to share it, by all means go for it!

If I ever want to go do something super fun that my soul just says is important even though it’s impractical, my busy schedule never holds me back!

I always have time to pop in one more inspirational post that came right from the heart, or to go spend an evening with my sister, or to go visit friends out of town and bring some cheering up to anyone who needs it.

The best thing about keeping a minimalist content calendar is that I know I can meet my goals even if I take a day off.

Even if I take 6 days off.

Even if I take 13 out of 14 days off, I can do it!

Because I so CAN hustle, and I hustle even better when I’m feeling well rested and restored.

I bring my goals to reality and realize my dreams and make incredible friends all by just doing what my instincts tell me to do AND I keep my followers in the loop and consistently share content that is high-vibe, super aligned with my message and the woman I want to be in life, and I get to also just rest easy knowing that I am being exactly who I am and not adding unfair pressure to myself.

Let it be easy, babe. You got this- and you don’t have to bend over backwards to be successful. I promise.

Your vibe will take care of you if you take care of it.

So, if you’re a stressed out, strung out blogger, take a look back at that content calendar and see where you might be making things tougher on yourself than they need to be. Challenge yourself to UNchallenge yourself for a hot minute and see how that feels.

And if you need some #LetItBeEasy coaching, shoot me a message so we can talk about how to get you to that FUN & EASY blogger lifestyle. I got you covered!

Much love,

Jessica Pena | Spiritual Lifestyle Coach 

P.S. Do you want some soul-centered support, actionable guidance, and constant reminders of your own beautiful power on this road to building your online community? Check out my programs page for ways to work with me to grow your business!