Embrace Yourself by Jessica Pena


Embrace Yourself is a work of love and empowerment, packed full of inspiration and honesty.

More than just another self-help book, Embrace Yourself includes pointed questions at the end of each chapter to help you explore what it is that brings you home to yourself. The book sparks inspiration and action toward a better, more fulfilling and joyful life.

As someone who grew up with Cystic Fibrosis, overcame the struggle of child abuse and neglect, and has healed from childhood trauma and the pain of rape and multiple miscarriages as an adult, Jessica Pena truly writes from a place of compassion and vulnerability.

The love she pours into her writing is beautifully complimented by her sense of humor and appreciation for the little things in life.

This book is a guide for learning to love and accept yourself while continuing to and take control of your own life.

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No matter where you come from, if you're looking to make your dreams a reality and you're sick of feeling stuck and unable to see your worth, Embrace Yourself is for you.

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Upcoming Books


Crystal Belle by Jessica Pena

Crystal Belle is the tale of Beauty and her Beast after the spell is broken. Happily ever after isn’t the end of the journey, after all.

Status: Revising & seeking agent

Sneak peek:

“Nobody may know you have met me.”

Melody’s face was patient but serious.

“I cannot lie to my husband…” Belle mumbled. “If I may tell Adam, I am certain he will tell nobody of your visit Miss Melody.”

“Very well darling, but I suspect you will not wish to speak to him of this visit. Have a seat.”

Belle pulled her chair around the counter and sat, no longer hiding the curiosity on her face.

“Belle, Adam’s mother was my best friend. I couldn’t take care of him through his curse, and there are forces preventing me from visiting him even now. If I interfere with his life directly, he may be turned back into a beast forever.”

Belle scowled. “Why are you here then?” she demanded. “Why would you risk such a fate for him? What has he done to insult you?”

Tears filled Melody’s eyes. “I do not wish to harm him. I love him dearly and wish him only the best. I’m here to see you, Belle. What you have done for him is very kind. You were quite selfless to take him as your husband. I can see your dedication to him…”

“Oh…” was all Belle could say. The guilt of her recent doubts immediately filled her stomach.

“Belle, you were 17 when you married Adam. I can see on your face the guilt and doubt. I’ve suspected, but now I know for sure. You’re not certain about your decision, and you may be trapped in a life you never wanted.”

“I’m not trapped! Adam is a wonderful husb-“ Belle’s explosive defense was interrupted.

“Don’t misunderstand Belle, and don’t lie.” Melody’s voice was almost threatening.

“Belle, I’m not here to shame or offend you. I’m here to offer you a choice. To break Adam’s curse, someone had to love him. Not forever, not even for long, just truly for a single moment. You broke his curse the moment you opened your heart to loving him. I understand why the marriage felt like a natural next step, but it is not fair to end one curse with the beginning of another. I am here to offer you a way out. A way out, only if you want it, without hurting Adam.”

Belle thought for a long while before timidly asking, “how could you possibly offer me a way out?”

“I have a gift for you.” Melody smiled and pulled a small white box from under her cloak. It was tied with a shimmering blue ribbon. She placed it on the counter in front of Belle, motioning for her to open it.

Belle untied the delicate ribbon and lifted the lid to discover Melody’s peculiar gift. It was a tiny bell made entirely of crystal. It had a blue hue to it, and when she picked it up, it felt much heavier than she had expected.


Paradise by Jessica Pena

Paradise is a look inside Jessica Pena’s philosophy of love and forgiveness. Delving deep into the meaning of life, the power of love, and the purpose of chaos.

Status: Drafting. “Paradise” is the unofficial title of this non-fiction work.


Seventy Times Seven Times

I got home from school to find him storming about the house, drunk again. My baby brother sat in his bouncer wearing a diaper that leaked down his legs. I saw her there, his soul was black and blue. He cried for food while being bellowed at to "shut the hell up!" I crept closer to my brother, cringing away from his breath while attempting to ignore his rage. I took the baby to the bedroom to feed him, change him, and protect him... I heard my sister march in the door and listened to him tell her how useless she was, swearing and spitting in her face. She got to the room trembling, more from anger than fear, I think. She was always the brave one.

Once Mom finally came home from "work," I carried the baby to her, only to discover that she was drunk too. She shrieked at me and I fled with the baby back to our safe place. We weren't getting dinner that evening. Once again, I wouldn't be allowed to do my breathing treatment. This was my daily routine. It was wrong, but I was used to it. This is where my journey to love and forgiveness began. 

Looking back I asked myself why I chose to be alive every day. I wondered why I longed to defend the younger children instead of myself and why I always hoped that man would be a real dad to me. Now I know. Love is why. Love is the desire to give endlessly, to feel compassion and forgiveness unconditionally. With love comes forgiveness. Forgiveness isn't forgetting, it's remembering and choosing to still love the people who hurt you most. Jesus is the ultimate teacher of love for Christians. In the Bible, Jesus tells his followers to forgive, "not seven times, but seventy times seven times" (Matt. 18:22). He doesn't mean to forgive 490 times; he means that forgiveness is infinite. To love, you have to forgive, always.  >> To read the full preface, visit the Unpublished Works page


The Wild Series: Book One

The title of this one is still a secret, just know that it’s brilliant. If you love LGBT+ romance, fantasy adventures, fables, and female badassery, you’re going to love this series! It’s magic.

Status: This series is in the planning phase- book one is being outlined and drafted!

Sneak peek

She woke when the sun was just peeking over the horizon, sherbet clouds flooding the sky as far as she could see. She swept up the herbs and salt from the evening’s ritual, gently scooping up her crystals to waft them through the campfire smoke or douse them in rose water before tucking them gingerly into the green velvet pouch at her hip.

Her belly moaned, and she giggled like the fairies she’d grown up with. Setting up the kettle for tea and oats, she made extra knowing Yarrow and the children were close now. She suspected she would meet them within the hour. Finally, she sighed.

She glanced down at herself, realizing she looked a mess. Her once-white sundress was a dusty gray-brown, though the tiny embroidered sunflowers were as brilliant yellow as the day they were sewn on. Her boots were tattered, the soles falling apart from traveling hundreds of miles across unforgiving terrain. She noticed with relief that her olive green stalkings were only minimally damaged, with a single run along the back of her left calf. The velvet pouch at her hip looked good as new, of course.

“This will have to do,” she sighed.

With a bemused smile and dancing eyes, she patted the dust from her dress and twirled, arms high above her head.

This is just a tiny piece of what I’ve shared so far. For the full preview, check out My Writing page!

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About the author

Jessica Pena is a gigglebox of radiant love and joy. She lives her life in a philosophy of love, aiming to be the best that she can be by sharing her story of love and forgiveness one day at a time.

She strives to live a low-impact lifestyle and do the least harm while bringing light to every experience she takes on. Determined, playful, resilient, and kind, Jessica is known for her love of animals and her dedication to vulnerability and healing.

In her book, as well as on her blog and social media accounts, Jessica refers back to the dark moments of her childhood abuse and trauma, her struggle to cope with a cystic fibrosis and learn to embrace her “expiration date,” as well as the deeply painful experiences of being raped and suffering multiple miscarriages as a woman. Through each struggle, Jessica has found her power in coming back to love and forgiveness.

It is her hope to make an impact on the world through sharing her struggles and philosophy in writing. She feels that if she guides just one heart to healing, she has served her purpose. She continues to be a beacon of love in her writing every single day.


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