Goddess Gateway Program


Goddess Gateway Program


This is a 3-day group coaching program for women who want to learn about

- The Goddess, Witch, and Empress stories you learned as a child and how these archetypes may have shaped your beliefs over the years

- How stories impact your view of yourself and how you can use these stories to create transformation in your life and step into your own power

- How to connect with and trust your intuition in everything you do 

- Understanding how to embrace strong emotions and live life passionately, but without swinging between feeling explosive and exhausted

- How to open up to every aspect of yourself without fear or judgement

You receive: 

- Unlimited coaching in the private group

- Lifetime access to 3 Training Videos and follow up discussion (and any other training videos I share in the future! I plan on being fairly active in the group even after the program ends, and you're invited to stick around and soak up additional lessons and insights at no extra charge.)

- Tools and exercises to help you better understand and apply the concepts we discuss 

- A supportive tribe of powerful women on the same journey

Please allow up to 24 hours for your invitation to join the group to arrive in your inbox.

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