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I’m Going to teach you how to embrace yourself
AND create a life you love waking up to live every day!


What is spiritual lifestyle coaching?

Honestly, it depends on who you are! Because this coaching is about YOU.

Ultimately, spiritual lifestyle coaching is all about inviting, embracing, and creating abundance in your life. It’s learning how to do the mindset and energy work that work best for you when it comes to living your best life- to thriving and living joyfully from a space of love and expansiveness every single day.

I support you and guide you in becoming the person who lives the life you’ve been dreaming of- and then becoming the person creating the life you couldn’t even dream up before! You will learn to create a lifestyle that brings you to life and feels abundant, peaceful, and exciting all at once- every single day.

While this isn’t some magical pill that means you’ll never have a struggle in your life again, it is something that works INSTANTLY, and that you can take with you into every day for the rest of your life. What you’ll learn during our time together will reveal your own loving, brilliant core. Your best self, your higher self, your future self. You’re going to learn to tap into your loving intuition at any time- to call it up at will and immediately receive inspired next steps. You’re going to learn to trust yourself and follow your intuition- to take those inspired actions with unwavering confidence.

You’re going to become a master manifestor- someone who brings everything they desire into their reality. Whether it’s love, a peaceful home after years of searching and feeling empty, energy to live a vibrant life again, money, living somewhere else, or anything else! It’s not about what you’re manifesting, it’s about knowing who you are and what you are made of. It’s about being able to hear and understand your intuition- and having the courage and strength to follow it.

It’s called lifestyle coaching because this coaching touches every aspect of your life! It’s not any one area we work with. If you have a problem area in your life, we’ll focus the most on this. If you have something you’re eager to manifest, we can start with that. I’m going to teach you techniques that work in every situation so that you never feel lost or stuck as long as you tap into what you’ve learned during our time together.

We’re going to dig deep- we’ll break out past beliefs and fears and pains that are ready to be released. It’s not easy to do this part- and this is why I’m thrilled to be coaching you for SIX MONTHS! The length of this program makes it possible for everyone, no matter how busy your life may be or how quickly you come to feel overwhelmed or nervous, to experience their life completely transforming. It gives us time to work through blocks in layers, so that by the time we finish you will be comfortable working through blocks in the future on your own- and as life goes on you’ll have the power to work through difficult feelings and thoughts before they manifest into problems in your daily life.

Now, that’s pretty abstract and I know it! This program is about concepts, feelings, energy… those vibes! It’s about connecting with yourSELF and embracing your place in this universe.

But here are some concrete details for what this 6 month Spiritual Lifestyle program brings you:

  • 2 weekly coaching calls

    • 1 Q&A call on a topic of your choosing
      This call has no time limit- I’m all yours for as long as it takes to answer your questions and work through the breakthrough!

    • 1 GYST (Get Your Shit Together) call each week
      This call is 30-60 minutes long, depending on what you need. During these calls, we GYST! We plan out your week, get clear on goals and intentions, and get you feeling organized, grounded, and ready for whatever comes next!

  • Daily Voxer/email coaching
    Voxer is an awesome free app that works kind of like a walkie-talkie. We can text or use voice messages. I love this for checking in first thing in the morning- I know something that helps me get my day started high vibe and magical is hearing someone else with amazing energy chatting on a podcast or live-stream. You’ll get some amazing good morning messages from me in here- and we can use it to chat throughout the day! If you’re not big on reading or typing, you’ll love this app.

  • Weekly personalized journal prompts

  • Free access to all of my online content
    including my eBook and any courses, masterminds, or private FB groups I offer- indefinitely! (Once you’re a part of my inner circle, you get it all. Always. My gift to my soul mate clients.)

This program is 6 months long and includes daily private coaching! It’s the work I absolutely love and every moment I invest in my business and in being your coach comes right from my soul. It’s not for everyone, but if you’ve read this far, it’s probably for you. Are you ready to dive into your best life and get super intentional about the future life you create for yourself? Ready to feel that joy, that peace, that gratitude, and that love every single day for the rest of your life?


How can I afford this?

Girl, I know what you’re thinking. “I want to do this, but I can’t afford anything right now.”

But here’s the thing: this journey is about making the DECISION! It’s about committing to yourself- because you can have this as soon as you decide you really want it. This is about having the courage to commit and embrace your desire, and finally decide bring it to life!

This six month 1:1 Coaching program costs $9,000.

The cost of the program includes everything listed above AND covers lifetime access to all of my online content including courses, group programs, masterminds, and eBooks.

You’re going to leave this program confident in yourself- knowing how to access and apply your intuition. Feeling accepting of who you are and where you’re at in life… You’re going to know how to embrace joy in your life and invite ease and curiosity into everything you do. You’re going to completely transform your life the moment you begin applying these lessons AND I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to continue keeping this transformation alive and manifest the life you truly love living.

I know it’s a lot to swallow! I was in your shoes not so long ago- and I remember the breath being knocked out of my chest when I found out the coach I was absolutely LOVING was charging $5,000 for an 8 week program! But I trusted myself, and I trusted her…

And during that 8 week program, I was overwhelmed. It kicked my ass, honestly. It was TOUGH. But it was so powerful! She absolutely changed my life. What I learned saved my marriage, my livelihood, my business, and probably my sanity too. And she taught it to me in order to empower me to make an impact on the world as a loving, abundant, joyful, expansive coach… which is exactly what I do!

Doing it all in 8 weeks was really really hard- I don’t think most people could do it! I was at a point in my life where I didn’t have a job or kids or any obligations, and I spent all day every day practicing what my coach taught me, journaling through blocks, and making massive shifts in my mindset. Less than 12 weeks after I started working with her, I went from not making a single penny in my business to bringing in $28,000 in one month!

So I’ve created my program KNOWING these programs can absolutely work- and knowing the secrets to actually creating consistent and complete transformation. I created my program also knowing how insanely difficult it was to go through the one I chose. And I’ve created my program to be more gentle. To support you and give you the time to process each step. I’m sticking with you for six entire months so that you get to see the transformation BEFORE our time is over. So that you get to see your results, and if you have set backs or doubts in your ability to reproduce those results (like I did! following that $28k month, I didn’t make any money for like 2 months before FINALLY deciding to get my shit together, work through the new blocks that had come up, and bring in a whopping $18k in 2 weeks.) … I’m working with you daily for six months so that when those fresh doubts come up, you have support instantly. You don’t slip, you don’t fall back. You don’t go months with no income and dread having to pay out the big bucks for another coach. You’re just going to have me right there with you, ready! And we’re going to get through it. And when our time is up, you’re going to have unshakable faith in your ability to work through any- and everything.

Because you are abundant.

You are resilient.

You are radiant.

And when you trust your intuition and take that inspired action, you can never be wrong. Let me show you how it works.


Still stuck on that $9,000?

Maybe you missed the part where I explained that I manifested $28,000 in ONE MONTH. And then went on to invest another $18,000!!!

Just saying.

You’re worth this investment. I’m going to teach you exactly how I did it. How I, someone who has been reborn from the ashes of child abuse and neglect, a terminal chronic illness, multiple miscarriages, and rape, have overcome all of the suffering of the past and all of the limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears that I carried into adulthood…

and how I learned to overcome all of that- to release what no longer served me and create the marriage, life, and business I absolutely love every single day.

If I’ve found joy and peace and love in my daily life, you can too.

So, let’s find out how resilient you are- and how resourceful too!

This program is $9,000. And I know that sounds like a lot.

But I need you to be $9,000 committed if you’re going to make this work. If you’re going to put these lessons to use and you’re going to transform your entire life, you need a really big number to hold you to it and bring that passion to life. And I need you to bring that fire, because I can teach you everything I know- but it’s only going to change your life if you’re paying attention!

And $9,000 sure sounds like paying attention, doesn’t it!

BUT- this isn’t impossible. $9,000 isn’t impossible for you. When I paid a coach that $5,000 for her 8-week program… I was drowning in debt. I hadn’t worked in over a year. My husband was working 60 hours per week and I had just started my business- without even a penny to show for it.

And I found the money. I found a way, I made it happen.

And I made back that investment almost instantly.

Because I was paying attention. I was $5,000 committed. And I haven’t regretted a penny of that investment- not even for a moment. I’m grateful to her for asking for that commitment. And you will be too.

This program is $9,000 paid in full.

Payment plans are available as well at $1,600/month


You have the option of making a $4,000 downpayment, and then making monthly payments of $1,000 beginning in our second month.

If you’re not sure you can do this…

but you’re curious and ready to give it a shot, let’s talk. Let’s see where that abundance is hiding in your life, because I promise you there is much more than just $9,000 surrounding you right now. Let’s find it!


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