Confirmation: You did it!

Your discovery call is booked and I’m so looking forward to meeting you!
You will receive an email confirmation shortly and if you selected the option on my scheduling page, you’ll receive a text reminder for the meeting!

Here’s what to expect:

1. I will send you the link to our Zoom meeting shortly before our call!

2. We’ll meet! If you love it and we’re a good fit, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up!


And a word to the human behind the screen:

(That’s you, hi!)

It is ALL good. If you have kiddos, puppies, a cat that loves the camera, I’m not going to be judging you on this call. Don’t think of it as a professional call. It’s a coffee date with a friend, and I’ll be delighted if your cat or your kids come to crash the party. I’m probably going to show up in yoga pants with a messy bun- and my cat will probably climb in my lap during the call.

I’m not going to be assessing your life or playing comparison games- I’m going to be giggly and excited to meet you.

There is no judgment here. So don’t you go feeling silly and cancelling at the last minute. Even if you feel crappy, even if you’re nervous. Give it a go. Just see what happens.

So many women have been glad they stuck it out and gave the call a chance. I’ve been the person who panicked and cancelled, and I want you to know you don’t have to do that. (In fact, please don’t do that. As someone with a chronic illness that drastically shortens my expected lifetime, I deeply value my time- so please show up! But I also get the struggle of pre-call nerves and investing in this sort of thing, and that’s why I’m sharing this reassurance with you.)

I’m not here to pressure you into a sale. I offer this mentorship because it lights me up, because I love doing it, because the women I get to work with bring my whole world so much joy, and because it’s a really beautiful way to share my unique skillset for something bigger than myself. My social media management business is my full-time income, this is my passion project. Your discovery call is not a space where I pressure you into a sale and question your self-worth if you don’t buy. I’m not about that.

So, I hope that helps to hear! I hope you’re excited and ready to test the waters here! Feel free to send me a message at if you have any questions, and hang tight till our meeting. I’m so looking forward to it!

With love,