Frequently Asked Questions


If you're not sure what to expect, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions! 

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How will life coaching benefit me? 

Life coaching will benefit you as much or as little as you are willing to work for it. I will support and encourage you, I will provide insight and offer resources personalized to your goals and struggles you want to overcome. How effective life coaching services are depends on how willing you are to dig deep and put in the work! My goal is to empower you to overcome your limitations and set your dreams in motion. As your coach, it is my intention to help you identify and demolish self-limiting beliefs and replace them with the powerful TRUTH about what you are capable of.

What if I'm not Sure about what I want?

Part of transformation is identifying areas you want to change and making the plan to change them. As a mindset life coach, I will work with you to identify the areas you are unhappy with in your life and create personalized goals that support you in overcoming limiting beliefs and establishing the new direction your life is heading.

Do you have a Money-back Guarantee? 

No. We will be communicating nearly every day of your purchased plan, so if you are ever unsatisfied with our work together it is your responsibility to let me know. I am happy to make reasonable adjustments to work with you. This service is for you and I'm here 100% to support and guide you, but YOU are responsible for doing the work to reach the goals we set together. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

For any personalized rate, service, or payment plan, please use the contact form to discuss your situation with me directly. I will consider your request and recommend we schedule a free discovery call if I believe we can work out a personalized plan that suits your needs. 

Who are Mindset Coaching Services for?

These services are for anyone who is READY to change the way they live their lives, to DESTROY limiting beliefs and establish habits and recognize EMPOWERING TRUTHS in order to begin living a life not rooted in fear or doubt, but instead exploding with passion, love, and creativity. Anyone who is SICK of feeling stuck, afraid, resentful, or unfulfilled in their daily lives can benefit from mindset life coaching! If you're not sure this service is right for you, schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your options and get a taste of the potential collaboration that could change your life. 

Do you ever turn clients down? 

YES. I absolutely turn clients down from time to time. This is NEVER because I don't believe a client is worthwhile or capable of making the changes they'd like to make. Rather, it's staying true to myself and being honest about my own strengths and abilities and recognizing when a match simply isn't compatible. If I don't believe I have the skills or perspective you will benefit from, if I don't 100% believe that I can create the kind of value you deserve for your buck, I will not accept you as a client. I will, however, redirect you to peers and mentors who I believe may better serve you, and provide open feedback and explanation for choosing not to accept a client. I'm not here to swindle you out of a hard-earned pay check, I'm here to support you and empower you in creating a life you LOVE. If I can't do that for you, I will be up-front about that. Transparency is important in such a personal profession and I am committed to excellence and honesty in all that I do. 

What happens after I purchase a package?

When you purchase a package, you will receive an invitation email to schedule your first call with me. We will establish a time-line and main goal to focus on for the duration of your package. The goal will likely shift or change entirely through the course of our time together, but this provides a strong starting point. You will be sent a list of questions, prompts, or topics to consider before our first phone call which will help us to clearly identify your goal or struggle and establish a game-plan for success. We will agree on the date and time of our next call and establish dates for those weekly or bi-weekly emails. Following our second call, any personalized materials included in your package will be created and sent to you by email and gifts will be shipped within two weeks of our second phone call. The dates and call lengths can be changed at your request, but standard options are provided with each plan and can be found in the plan descriptions.