Goddess, Witch, & Empress

Welcome to The Goddess Program

The Goddess Program is about all things feminine. There's a reason storms are named for us, and there's a reason witches are feared while goddesses are revered. Woman, you are powerful. You are strength and pleasure, fire and water, earth and wind. You are all things. It's time to start living that power. 

In The Goddess Program, I'll be guiding you in a journey to the roots of your feminine powers- to a space where every aspect of ourselves is to be loved and honored, where our emotions are not to be controlled, but to be felt fiercely. You're going to learn exactly how powerful you are, how beautiful you are, how fierce you are, and you are going to know how to tap into your intuition and be able to do so any time. By the end of this program, you will have a tribe of soul sisters. We will have laughed together, cried together, felt the fire burning in our bones together, and learned about our own unique source of power. You will have no reason to ever doubt yourself again. You will feel beautiful, sexy, nurturing, loving, playful, and powerful all at once. You will feel the earth tremble when your feet touch it in the morning. You will feel the warmth and power in your womb, in your heart, and in your soul. 

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When you set your mind to something, you will find your life naturally flowing toward the outcome you've envisioned. 

You're going to leave this program not feeling in control of your emotions, but instead feeling intimately connected to your deeper self through your emotions, and ever more powerful through them. 

So... what is the program? 

The Goddess Program is an 9-week group program. During our nine weeks together, you will receive...  

  • Weekly lessons (One chapter per week, plus discussion in the group)
  • Access to the private Facebook group where our discussions will be held and you will connect with your new sisters 
  • Weekly Q&A group coaching threads in the group 
  • Private Email/Messenger Support throughout the program 
  • A personalized Goddess Gift Box delivered to your door filled with tools for exploring your power, embracing yourself, and tapping into your intuition (yes, I will be spoiling you and personally selecting the gifts for your box. Each box is unique!)
  • TWO private coaching sessions (one at the beginning of the program and one upon graduation)
  • Printable workbooks for each week 
  • At the end of the program, you will receive a beautiful eBook containing all of the lessons from the program (lifetime access, downloadable + printable) 
"Every part of you is deserving of adoration and acceptance. 
It is by embracing ourselves that we are finally able to set ourselves free."
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So what do you say, Goddess, Witch, and Empress,
are you ready?

This program is for every woman who is ready to step into her own power. Space in the program is limited to 8 seats, and applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, send me an email at info@lilacsinparadise.com or shoot me a message on Facebook! 

The cost of the program is $2,300. Payment plans are available as well, please don't hesitate to reach out for more information on payment options. We'll get you covered! 

If you're not quite sure this program is for you, I want to ask you a question that will help. Trust your intuition when answering, okay? Maybe it's not for you, and that's okay too. I want you to know for yourself. So here's the question: 

Where will you be in 9 weeks if you dive into The Goddess Program? I've told you what it does, I've told you what you're going to learn. What is your life going to look like in 9 weeks? When you look in the mirror, what are you going to feel and think and see? When you leave your house, how are you going to feel? 


And if you don't? Then where will you be in 9 weeks? How will you feel? What will your life look like? What will you see in the mirror? What will you feel when you wake up in the morning? 

Which answer sounds acceptable to you?

This is an opportunity to choose exactly what kind of life you want to live. To step into it fully, no holding back. This is a chance to meet women who will support you, love you, and who will remind you of your power again and again. It's an opportunity to embrace yourself in a way you've never done before, and live it out every single day. To make a real and lasting change. 

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Want to see the numbers again? 

You receive TWO private coaching calls, that's a $900 value right there.

And we are going to rock your world with these calls. Clients have come back to me weeks and months later to thank me for 1:1 calls- to share about how every aspect of their life was transformed by shifting one little belief during our call. And in this program, our coaching calls are going to be even more powerful because we're not just looking at one little situation. We are looking way down deep at you. We're looking at who you are and who you want to be. Down to the core. We're identifying your incredible power, in a way that you will never forget it is there again. It will be yours, always. Any time you need it you need only summon it. 

The Goddess Gift Box- the contents of these boxes will be worth up to $200 before shipping, 
and I will be hand-picking (and gleefully going shopping for) the gifts that will fill your box. They will be personalized to you, based on what we discover during our first coaching call. If any of the tools require special knowledge, I'll personally teach you how to use them. Some of the contents could include stones, jewelry, cloth items, pendulums, wildcrafted herbs for tea, a Tarot deck, or any number of things. We'll talk more in detail about your gift box during your coaching call. 

Weekly Lessons- these include written chapters with discussions to follow in the Facebook group AND the eBook upon graduation. $1,450 value.

Weekly Q&A threads and live sessions in the group- $450/session x 9 weeks = $4,050 value!
AND you get the added benefit of being able to learn from everyone else's questions as well. 

You are receiving $6,172 in value- for a total investment of $2,300!

This is what I love about group programs- I'm able to pack so much more goodness in for every single person AND we get to create an incredible tribe of soul sisters, learn from each other and increase the impact and opportunity exponentially. If you're not ready to invest in 1:1 coaching, this group program is an incredible way to transform your life and connect with your new tribe at 1/4 the cost. 

So, Goddess, Witch, and Empress, where are YOU going to be in 9 weeks? 

Send me a message to reserve your seat! You can reach me on Facebook or via email at info@lilacsinparadise.com

I'll be seeing you soon! 


Much love, 



P.S. Are you looking for something more involved with the earth and energy of the universe? GOOD! I've had extensive training as an herbalist through The Herbal Academy of New England along with years of self-guided study and home practice, and I'll be sharing lots of recipes, rituals, meditations, and more throughout the program. They'll be included in the weekly lessons, so you get to keep them forever through the eBook. I'll be introducing crystals and herbs in each lesson, and we can discuss them further in the unlimited email coaching for the duration of the program, as well as during the group Q&A calls.  



Enrollment for the September 2018 Goddess Group Program is now closed.