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Goddess Coaching 

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1:1 Goddess Coaching

An Exclusive Coaching Package

What is Goddess Coaching? 

Goddess Coaching is my 1:1 coaching package. The package is 9 weeks of 

- weekly private coaching calls

- daily email/messenger coaching support 

- unlimited access to all online programs and files 

- a personalized 33+ page guided journal and workbook

- a Goddess Gift box

- free access to the private Goddess Facebook group exclusive to my 1:1 clients and those who have completed The Goddess Group Program (aka: access to an AMAZING tribe of sisters)

What do I get? 

This private Goddess coaching program is transformative. You get what you decide you want to get. My clients change their lives, feel confident and beautiful for the first time ever (or for the first time since giving birth or their first time since realizing they'd hit menopause), they transform their relationships with partners, friends, family, and strangers, they transform their work lives, careers, and businesses. 

The first thing we do during our time together is get crystal clear on your intentions and knowing what exactly you want in life- whether that's a detailed picture of a future you want or it's an overall feeling. 

Then we'll look deep into core beliefs and memories to find out how you might be self-sabotaging or holding back! We're going to transform those limiting old beliefs of childhood into empowering new truths of womanhood. 

Finally, we will work together to explore the possibility of all things! I'm going to teach you how to tap into your intuitive power and take inspired action- to make leaps toward your future and the abundant life the universe has in store for you! We're going to build your knowledge of yourself, your love for yourself, and the strength of your energetic connection to everything in this universe. 

Program cost

$3,000 for 3 months paid in full
or 3 payments of $1,200