Well, hello there. 

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Welcome to the Goddess Gateway Program

Currently Enrolling for the October session to begin Halloween 2018!

This is a 3-day group coaching program for women who want to learn about:

- The Goddess, Witch, and Empress stories you learned as a child and how these archetypes may have shaped your beliefs over the years

- How to connect with and trust your intuition in everything you do

- How to open up to every aspect of yourself without fear or judgement


Program Details…

You receive: 

- Unlimited coaching in the private group

- Lifetime access to 3 Training Videos and follow up discussion

- Tools and exercises to help you better understand and apply the concepts we discuss 

- A supportive tribe of powerful women on the same journey via our private Facebook Group

reserve your seat! 

To reserve your seat, purchase the program below and then check your email for an invitation to join the private group!