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1:1 Business Mentorship and Training

with Spiritual Lifestyle Coach, Herbalist, Author, and Healer Jessica Pena

Welcome to my Lightworker Business Mentorship

This exclusive program is open to lightworkers and spiritual bossbabes alike and is designed to guide you through the early stages of creating a business, establishing an online presence, and growing your community. There’s a whole world of advice out there and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost with it all. This program is designed to be all you need- a space where you can get all the information you’ll need to know, sort through and make decisions with the information overload you may already be carrying, and find your unique intuitive approach that is going to fuel your business.

The problem with other visibility strategy coaching programs is that they’re not designed for empaths and people who thrive on following their intuition. The rigid linear-thinking doesn’t work for us, it puts us in a box and sucks the life out of our creativity! This program is different- I’ve tried everything when it comes to visibility, I know the ins and outs of every platform, I know what the burnout and overwhelm feel like for each one and how to most effectively use them.

I struggled through this maze on my own and spent almost months just spinning my wheels, barely bringing in an income (and when I did, it was AMAZING, but then I’d be back to literally nothing for months!). After going through that struggle myself and guiding clients through it in my Aligned and Lively program of 2018, it’s become a cakewalk guiding powerful lightworkers like you through the process of building a business ONLY following your intuition.

While we’ll work through fears, blocks, limiting beliefs, and open up into your shadows to heal and grow, I’ll never push you do to anything that doesn’t feel aligned. There’s ALWAYS another option and together we will always find the way that works for you, without compromising your powerful intuitive gifts. There will be no more having an intuitive thought, and then wondering if you should follow someone else’s advice “because it worked for them, and I still have no clients.” NAH. During our time together, not only will you actually see your intuition work and prove it to yourself again and again, you’ll also learn to trust and honor that intuition with all that you are. You’ll learn a deep respect for your own intuition that leaves no more room for doubt or shame or uncertainty around it.

Think about how powerful you already know you are. Now imagine how powerful you’d be if you believed in that completely, every moment of every day.

That’s the life you’re meant to be living. That’s the version of you who is going to magnetize clients and customers with your soul-centered business- because it’s that kind of passion and energy that draws people in. What you are is what you attract, so our top priority is to bring you to full receiving, abundance, intuitive-goddess mode. How do you feel about that?

This program is $3,333 paid in full, or 6 monthly payments of $555.50

What’s included in this 6 month mentorship?

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls (no time limit per call!)

  • UNLIMITED daily coaching via email and Voxer App

  • 1 FULL YEAR Free access to VIP courses and programs as they come out

  • Free access to past program materials (including The Rising SHE eBook, workbook, and detailed astrology birth-chart, hand-drawn and mailed to you at your request)

  • A detailed business plan we craft together 100% personalized and tailored to your business goals and your unique soul-purpose

  • A personalized workbook at the end of our time together that will help you continue your journey!

While I firmly believe intuition > strategy, I’ll teach you the strategy in our email sessions and answer any questions you have during our calls. There’s no time limit on these calls because I’m going to cover everything you feel called to explore, every single time. I’m ALL yours!

I’m in the business of empowering lightworkers who are ready to start their own business and begin impacting the world on a whole new level!

That’s why this program doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like many other programs out there! I believe the money is an energetic exchange between healers, between mentors, between souls and adventures. The work I do lights up my whole world, I thrive on it, and I want the energetic exchange with my clients to reflect that! I’ve created this mentorship program with accessibility in mind and I honor the value of what you share with me when you sign up to work with me. Please know that the energetic exchange of money is not something I take lightly, it’s truly a gift and an honor and it is my promise to you that you will always have the support, encouragement, and access to the source that you’ve paid for. The income I bring in from my business goes directly to my intuition, never just to ego for safe-keeping. Instead, it is donated, it’s invested in self-care and meeting my own basic needs so that I am always able to show up for you 100%. One of my favorite parts of coaching is guiding and supporting my clients as they set their own rates- I have many clients who charge more than triple my rates and thrive from it!! I have others who have felt more aligned with lower offers, and I honor both. This journey is so much up to you, and what matters isn’t the wording or the number of times you post or how much you charge. It’s ALL about the energy behind your actions. That’s what we’re working on together, that’s the energy guru status we’re walking toward together, and that’s the kind of empowered confidence you’ll leave this mentorship with- along with cash in hand because you know exactly what you want and how to get it in a way that feels aligned, loving, and inspired. Always.

So if you’re ready to work with me, let’s do this!

There’s no application at this time, because I’ve decided to trust who the universe brings my way. If you’re ready to face any fears and doubts you may have, you’re capable of being honest and open in order to help me best guide you, and you’re prepared to honor your soul even in moments of doubt, then this program is for you and I’m your mentor! What are you waiting for, lightworker? The world is ready and waiting, and so am I.

There is currently only ONE spot available in this program until August 2019!

Reserve your seat and get started building your soul-centered business as the illustrious lightworker you were born to be.

Take a deep breath, breathe it all the way out, and ask yourself what you really want.
Trust the answer.