Embrace Yourself Private Mentorship with Jessica Pena

Author of Embrace Yourself: How to Recognize the Power Within and Let It Shine,
host of The Embrace Yourself Podcast, and mindset & lifestyle mentor and founder of Lilacs in Paradise


Hi, I’m Jessica!

Hopefully if you’ve found your way to this page you already know me for my mission of healing the world through love, forgiveness, and radically embracing ourselves. This mission is the core of everything I do and is the driving force behind my unique coaching business, Lilacs in Paradise.

Along with the free value I provide through my blog and podcast, private coaching is available for clients who are ready to work intimately with me to release the stories, beliefs, pains, and fears that have been holding them back. During our time together, we’ll work toward goals you already have in place (and if you don’t know where to start, we’ll work together to create those goals), and as you achieve success on the outside you’ll also be doing powerful work on the inside so that your attitude, feelings, confidence, and actions are all working together to create the life you want to be living on a daily basis.

Sustainable changes require consistent work, and that’s the power of this mentorship. Nearly every day, you’ll have me in your pocket with loving insight and guidance, powerful questions and the safe space necessary to be able to answer them. I’ll give you tools and resources you can use for the rest of your life, along with an experience you’ll never forget.


I remember how deeply my favorite coaches touched my life from even our very first days working together, and I want you to have an equally precious and powerful experience through your time with me.


And don’t worry, this call isn’t about pressuring you into something you’re not ready for.
I believe in honoring your intuition and listening to your gut- and that will
always be more important to me than making a sale.


As someone who’s healed from a plethora of disaster and pain in life, I know what a struggle it can be to look in the mirror in the middle of a healing journey- both physically and emotionally.

It’s even more difficult to look into your heart and see the love, strength, power, and beauty you’ve had to tuck away and protect through the years. These are the parts of us that really enable us to do and be the very best that we can in life- and when we’re able to see, honor, and show our beautiful loving core, we truly have an impact on the world.

My Embrace Yourself mentorship is just a fancy name for an amazing opportunity to break your shell wide open in a safe, powerful space with me. We get vulnerable, we go deep, we let go of the past, we learn how to step into the present without fear of the future.
We feel the feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones, and we learn to work through them.

Together we’re going to walk right into your radiant, loving core
and let her out for the world to know.



I am so excited to hear your story and get to know you better. It takes courage and strength to come this far, and I am so honored to meet a fellow survivor on the path to healing and power. You’re wonderful, truly. I can’t wait to meet you.

With love,