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Done-for-you SEO Audit + Keyword Research

Niche-specific blog template included for higher ranking posts

SEO and keyword research don’t have to be dirty things- you don’t have to sound spammy or salesy to bring in those ideal clients! Instead, use SEO concepts as the tools they are to organically bring in the kind of traffic you want to see while continuing to authentically engage and connect with your audience.

What’s the point of SEO research?

My done-for-you SEO audit and keyword research service will help you see which keywords might already be working for you (hello, leverage!), while also sharing suggested keywords and statistics on the frequency and difficulty of ranking in those search results. You’ll be provided with the report and a template that you can follow as closely as you like in order to increase your search ranking and know exactly how often to use keywords as well as the length of posts and titles that work best in your niche. (Personally, I don’t follow this template strictly, rather I use it as a guide and do what feels intuitively right for me at the same time. There’s a balance when you’re working in a soul-centered industry, the key is just to make sure you’re sharing in a way that makes it EASY for your people to find you!!)

Along with the template and reports, you’ll receive a plain-language report with suggestions, to-do’s, and ideas from me. I’ll explain what everything means and make it super simple and easy for you to apply the necessary changes to bring in more organic traffic with less effort and rank higher in search results.


As a bonus, I take a look at all of my client’s social media profiles and offer suggestions there as well. I’m a Pinterest PRO and I’m quickly growing on IG. (don’t believe my account, it goes neglected while all of my energy goes into my client’s accounts! My IG is for fun, not business.) My social media management clients get an IG hashtag library and the research to back it up ever 90 days, so you get a little taste of this when you purchase the SEO audit!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jessica (that’s me!) by email at