Site & Social Starter Pack

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The Basic starter pack - $150

The basic starter pack is designed to set you up on 1-3 social media platforms. The service works in 4 steps.

Step 1: Define your focus, audience, and intentions

Step 2: Decide on 1-3 social media platforms, + strategy on each platform

Step 3: Design branded posts/graphics for each platform

Step 4: Craft the copy (text!) for 1-3 social media posts, 1-2 emails or long posts, and 1 website page.

If you take full advantage of this package, you’ll receive:

  • Clarity in your biz purpose

  • Focus + specific goals and strategy for 3 social media platforms

  • 1 workbook to help you build a successful online presence

  • 9 regular social media posts including captions using your words (0-150 words each)

  • 2 emails or long social media posts (150-400 words each)

  • 3 branded templates for Instagram/Facebook

  • Copy & graphics for 1 page on your website (Most people use this for their “about” page. Includes a site banner and up to 3 graphics. Up to 750 words.)

  • Bonus Item: Instagram Highlight covers & story template if you choose IG as a platform!

Note: If you do not already have a logo and set brand colors and fonts, you have two options. At the standard $150 rate for this package, I’ll use 2 fonts and 2 colors of your choosing


for an additional $45, I’ll design your entire brand specifically to your preferences with up to 6 colors and 3 fonts. This addition comes with two versions of your logo and your choice of white, black, and/or transparent backgrounds. You’ll also have the option to have 3 social media profile pictures edited for your brand. For this option, select the Full Brand Design option when you register.


Upgrade Options: Mentorship & Pinterest Starter Pack Add-ons

Pinterest starter pack upgrade- Add $40

The Pinterest starter pack is separate for a few reasons. First, Pinterest isn’t really social media, it’s more of a search engine!

Second, it’s SUCH a powerful tool when you know how to use it, and I wanted to include all the resources you’ll need to be really successful on the platform in the pack. So it became it’s own pack because it really is quite a bit extra!

Here’s what you get with this upgrade:

  • 15 branded Pinterest templates

  • 7 On-brand, SEO board names and descriptions to get you started

  • A Pinterest bio using keywords and strategic SEO for your brand

  • My Mistress of Pinterest eBook
    breaking down exactly how I schedule 50 pins per day on autopilot in less than 2hrs per month

I’ll also design you a Pinterest-perfect profile photo with a transparent background if you don’t already have one. This was such an exciting upgrade for me on my own Pinterest account, I know you’ll love it.

Soul-searching, Goal setting, empowering mentorship, anyone?

4-week mentorship + ultimate bossbabe Workbook - Add $200
(or $250 w/o other services)

I’ve created a mentorship program to coincide with this starter pack so you’ll be on the right foot from the very start! (Or restart, if you’ve been trying on your own for a while and you’re ready to finally feel like you know what the heck you’re doing. Been there!)

This is a 4-week email coaching program. It’s super affordable because it’s not 24/7 access and it’s not a typical coaching program. I want you to know exactly what to expect- here’s the plan for our 4 weeks together!

Week 1: What am I doing with my life?

This week is for purging and pondering. It’s an opportunity to open up about any frustrations, confusion, insecurities, fears, or anything else you have around sharing your ideas with the world!

This is ideal for biz babes and bloggers because that’s where my personal experience is, but isn’t exclusive to that community! At the end of week one, the goal is to feel thoroughly refreshed, ready to shake it all off, and dive in!

Week 2: What do I really want?

Week two is for dreaming and designing the life and business/blog you want to have! It’s about shamelessly admitting that you want to make $10k per month, or that you don’t care about money at all and you wish you didn’t have to be practical. Whatever it is, this week is for dreaming it up and reveling in it!

It’s also the week you’ll be wrapping up the workbook and questions included in The Basic Starter Pack. I’ll have a pretty good idea of who you are and what your vision is, and I’ll get to work creating some stunning and totally YOU content for you at the end of this week! The goal for this week is to have a firm idea of what you are working toward!

Week 3: How do I get there?

Week three is about goals and games! Goals because you gotta know where you’re going and what your plan is to get there- and games because you have to be flexible in your methods to be successful in the long-term! We’ll talk about preparing for biz in the long-haul and what it means to have a consistent online presence, plus ways to make it feel GOOD to you.

Feeling like we “should” do things can really shut down creativity and the radiant vibes that make people WANT to work with us, so we’ll talk about when that might come up for you, and ways you can prevent it altogether and just love what you do!

Week 4: How do I keep the momentum going? (Now, what?)

Week four is about sustainability, inspiration, and overwhelm prevention! We’ll build on what we talked about in the past 3 weeks, revisit anything you want more support in, and make a plan for you to move forward with!

This week you’ll receive your completed content (if you haven’t already), along with tips for scheduling content, when to post where, and answers to any questions you have!

We’ll be talking at least 3 times per week throughout this program! This takes place over email or Voxer, your choice! (Voxer is great if you prefer speaking over typing, because it has a voice message option!)

To wrap it all up, I send you off with a 30-page workbook designed to help you continue growing your online presence, get comfortable with your own voice and your brand, and create powerful habits to propel your brand forward!

Not sure about coaching? Check out my testimonials page to see what others have to say!

This 4-week program is $250 on its own or $200 as an add-on to the Starter Pack! (An absolute steal in the coaching world!)

If you want to get started on multiple platforms, feel your vision and your voice come alive in your posts, and grow your online presence authentically with confidence and clarity, sign up! Choose all 3 for the best deal, or sign up for the pieces you need most for a lower rate.


I’m looking forward to working with you!

With love,

Jessica Pena

Author of Embrace Yourself, founder of Lilacs in Paradise,
herbalist, and designer of gorgeous graphics!