Lucky Human

Lighthearted loneliness...
Guarding the cards never solved anything.
Stand on your own two feet
but don't be afraid of strangers.

It's alright with me
while it's all wrong with you. 
It's alright to be set free
but you can't free any other. 

Drop the weight of resistance, 
loneliness doesn't have to hurt. 
The writing on the wall
isn't always the whole truth. 

Every morning you wake up
to a new day's light, 
the end of the darkness
and the chance to have hope. 

Cry if you need to,
holding it back only hurts more. 
But it's okay to smile while you cry, 
you can set yourself free. 

The sky is the same fluffy blue
in Boise as in London, 
we are all longing for the same thing. 
Envy the Canada geese, 

but remember to feel your roots
digging deep into the spring earth. 
Hear the starlings sing, 
but notice the silent butterfly too. 

Life isn't easy as a bird or bee, 
it's not easy as a human being either. 
Life might be easy as a tree, 
but who really knows?

You're lucky, you know? 
You have a mind! 
Such a capable mind! 
Just imagine. 

Lucky human, you can see
your wings driving you through the air
at top speed
with your feet still firmly planted.  

All at once, free little lady,
you can grow and shrink and fly and dive! 
What you see, that's what is. 
So see it all, believe it all. 

Throw the ball and chain down at once. 
Put on your crown, 
take a deep breath, 
and be free. 

It's alright with me
if it's alright with you.