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Seventy Times Seven Times

I got home from school to find him storming about the house, drunk again. My baby brother sat in his bouncer wearing a diaper that leaked down his legs. I saw her there, his soul was black and blue. He cried for food while being bellowed at to "shut the hell up!" I crept closer to my brother, cringing away from his breath while attempting to ignore his rage. I took the baby to the bedroom to feed him, change him, and protect him... I heard my sister march in the door and listened to

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Weeping in the Willows

To the angel weeping in the willows, I've got a message just for you. Take it to heart, if you like, because I've carefully formed each and every line as a gift for your sweet soul. If it doesn't tickle your fancy, that's okay too. Just leave this letter knowing that you are loved. You are important in this world. Know that these words were written with kind intentions, wishing you well and promising you deserve it.

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For Him.

But what happens now that I’ve admitted it, not just in private words but in my own hand? Now that I’ve written for everyone to see the way your gaze makes my heart pound and how your hand over mine is the greatest sanctuary? What happens now that I’ve told them all about the safe haven that is your arms on a cold evening, or the way you laugh with me at the silliest things and make me forget every moment but this? 

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For Ren

Adults outside of my immediate family always told me to "just be a kid for a while" and it drove me fucking insane because I didn't feel like I had that luxury. I had siblings to protect, not to mention my own little heart needed careful guarding sometimes. You know the reasons why... and you were brave enough to face that too, so thank you again. 

I have to tell you about this one memory that sent my ex-stepdad over the edge, okay? You're going to snort, so swallow that sip of coffee before reading on. 

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For My Mother

I used to think I was strong and kind and brave in spite of being your daughter, but I’ve realized that it is actually the opposite. I am strong and kind and brave because I am your daughter. And so are my sisters, even if they aren’t ready to believe that. 

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