Crystal Belle: A Sneak Peek!

A glance inside Crystal Belle, the story of Beauty & The Beast after the spell is broken…

“Nobody may know you have met me.”

Melody’s face was patient but serious.

“I cannot lie to my husband…” Belle mumbled. “If I may tell Adam, I am certain he will tell nobody of your visit Miss Melody.”

“Very well darling, but I suspect you will not wish to speak to him of this visit. Have a seat.”

Belle pulled her chair around the counter and sat, no longer hiding the curiosity on her face.

“Belle, Adam’s mother was my best friend. I couldn’t take care of him through his curse, and there are forces preventing me from visiting him even now. If I interfere with his life directly, he may be turned back into a beast forever.”

Belle scowled. “Why are you here then?” she demanded. “Why would you risk such a fate for him? What has he done to insult you?”

Tears filled Melody’s eyes. “I do not wish to harm him. I love him dearly and wish him only the best. I’m here to see you, Belle. What you have done for him is very kind. You were quite selfless to take him as your husband. I can see your dedication to him…”

“Oh…” was all Belle could say. The guilt of her recent doubts immediately filled her stomach.

“Belle, you were 17 when you married Adam. I can see on your face the guilt and doubt. I’ve suspected, but now I know for sure. You’re not certain about your decision, and you may be trapped in a life you never wanted.”

“I’m not trapped! Adam is a wonderful husb-“ Belle’s explosive defense was interrupted.

“Don’t misunderstand Belle, and don’t lie.” Melody’s voice was almost threatening.

“Belle, I’m not here to shame or offend you. I’m here to offer you a choice. To break Adam’s curse, someone had to love him. Not forever, not even for long, just truly for a single moment. You broke his curse the moment you opened your heart to loving him. I understand why the marriage felt like a natural next step, but it is not fair to end one curse with the beginning of another. I am here to offer you a way out. A way out, only if you want it, without hurting Adam.”

Belle thought for a long while before timidly asking, “how could you possibly offer me a way out?”

“I have a gift for you.” Melody smiled and pulled a small white box from under her cloak. It was tied with a shimmering blue ribbon. She placed it on the counter in front of Belle, motioning for her to open it.

Belle untied the delicate ribbon and lifted the lid to discover Melody’s peculiar gift. It was a tiny bell made entirely of crystal. It had a blue hue to it, and when she picked it up, it felt much heavier than she had expected.

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