#metoo | Don't Tell Me What Strength Is


Don’t tell me that feelings are weak

and logic is strength.

The power isn’t in hiding the feelings,

it’s in having the courage to let them show.

You’d know that if you felt the rage,

the pain, the terror

of someone forcing himself

between your legs, your lips.

You’d know that if you had someone

do things to you that

three days, six bars of soap,

and two bottles of mouthwash

couldn’t clean.

If you ever felt the weight of an unborn child in your womb,

only to later feel her tear herself out,

leaving you to bleed and cry for days-

guilty gratitude and shame over the loss of your rapist’s child.

(Where’s your logic now?)

You don’t know about the power of feelings

until you have to look at your daughter,

your sister, your mother, your wife,

and say the words, “oh no,

not you too.”

You don’t get to spew the word “feminazi,”

as a weapon or a retort

until you know the true weight of the words “me too.”

Because you don’t have a damn clue.


Attacking men isn’t the answer.


Not all men are the problem.

And no, not all victims are women.

(And to the men who’ve said me too, here’s one for you.

I’m sorry you need it, but I DO stand with you.)

But you know what?

Yes all women SHOULD angry!

All men SHOULD be angry!

Because ANGER and LOVE are not mutually exclusive-

Let your fury fuel the loving action

that changes this #metoo reality!

Because no woman should ever have to call her mother up

sobbing on the phone

using all she has left inside to utter the words,

“mom, me too.”

No father should have to hear his daughter

share the test results-

the infection, the shame,

the grandchild conceived while his daughter screamed.


Me too

isn’t about blaming all men

(Do I seriously need to tell you that?

If you didn’t do it, get behind her and be silent!

Let the woman SPEAK!

This isn’t about you!)

The ayes don’t have it anymore.

The me’s do.


Because it’s time for the words to be spoken.

Even though,

every single time they come out

Flashbacks rush through

hundreds of thousands of minds

And we open up the pain

all over again

to stand beside our sister,

me too.

So when we still choose to feel,

when we find a way to forgive,

when we find a way to open up,

to share the pain,

to whisper the words me too,

You best shut up and listen.

Because you’re about to learn what real strength is.

You’re about to learn the power of love,

You sorry fool.

You’re about to learn the way of the world,

because (even when logic says

there’s no coming back from this)

hatred and ignorance and violence

don’t ever get to win the war.

You’re about to see the way


and joy and forgiveness

those feelings (you dubbed “weak”)

spark a revolution.


And I’m done listening.

Because you DON’T know.

You don’t have a clue.

So be glad for that, and take a seat.

Grab a pen, write down some notes.

Start with:
This ends NOW.

Start with a new trend:


We DO stand beside the victims. We DO stand on the side of strength, of love, of forgiveness, of fury in the name of justice.

We DO hear you, and we DO have your back.

And if you don’t,

Get the hell out of my way.